10 Best Free Racing Games for Android 2013 Updated

Out of all the reasons, one of the most fascinating reason is that we buy the Smartphone is that we love playing high graphical games on them. But out of the wide variety of games available on the Google Play Store; we at times tend to download games that fail to suffice our needs. And amongst all the games, the ones most downloaded are the racing games. Thus to ease you a bit, below is the list of some of the best available racing games on Google store that definitely will let your adrenaline rush into your blood!!

1. Road Warrior: Best Racing Game

Road Warrior: Best Racing Game

This game was the finalist in the 2012 unity awards. In this games you race against the bosses and gain respect by beating them and getting their extremely tuned racing and killing machines. It is an online multiplayer racing game, where you can compete with up to 7 players. You can execute flips and stunts to win gold coins and nitro boosts. It gives you a wide variety of vehicles to drive on wide variety of racing categories, all set to fill your need for speed. It has realistic and impressive HD graphics and is super addictive with precise controls and amazing physics with real racing world parameters like engine powers, racing drag, suspension stiffness and much more.

2. Jet Car Stunts Lite

Jet Car Stunts Lite

Jet car stunts has won several awards for its over the top, exciting adrenaline rush 3D game. It gives you massive jumps, mid air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environment. It has original levels and tight controls. This fast, smooth and addictive game has landed itself into the list of best of 2009 for iOS and now it is available in android.

3. Drag Racing

Drag Racing

In this addictive car racing game you cab drive 50+ officially licensed cars, from hot hatches to American muscle and 1000hp super cars. You can challenge millions of players online, race 1 on 1 , drive your opponent car or participate in real time 10 player races in pro league. The nitrous oxide effect in the race will drive you crazy.

4. Survival Race HD

Survival Race HD

This challenging game will give you the frustration that only old school games did. It is entitled the human kind’s last fight. You can race against time, outsmart path options, challenge your driving skills and even slaughter flesh eating monsters. It has awesome graphics, where you can perform stunts and flips, shoot carnivorous plants and monsters with awesome weapons. You can customize and upgrade your vehicle with your country flag. All in all the world has put its last ultimatum in your hands. Life or power plants: only you can decide.

5. Slot Racing

Slot Racing

You will surely turn nostalgic for your childhood years when you will put your hands down to this amazing slot race. It includes a lot of slot tracks with loopings, four lane tracks, and real scale grand prix tracks like Melbourne, Valencia, Silverstone, Hockenheim, Hungaroring, Spa, Monza, Suzuka, Korea and Abu dhabi. The best part being you can also create your own tracks. You can also customize your own cars choosing your color on the garage. Unlock all the tracks playing against the computer and compete against your friends, on exciting head to head races via Bluetooth or in the same device!

6. Raging Thunder-2

Raging Thunder-2

This game with high quality 3D graphics will take you through abandoned temples, tropical beaches, snow covered mountains, the great wall and a range of other breath taking vistas the world over. It gives you the feature of cross-platform multiplayers racing as well.

7. Death Racing

Death Racing

This easy to start racing game is a fast paced 3D game, where you can unlock most fantastic cars by skillful plays, and challenge the extreme of speed and distance. You can earn honourable achievements by completing bountiful missions it has simple controls like tilt to control and touch to accelerate.

8. Speed Racing

Speed Racing

This game has been entitled to be the #1 acclaimed android racing game. It gives you the most exhilarating hand held racing experience. It has a tense endless racer to dodge the traffic and overcome deadly obstacles. With good performance you can earn gold coins to unlock the unique cars an you can even buy power ups. It has easy controlling functions which include tilt to steer and touch to accelerate.

9. Race of Champions

Race of Champions

In this official  racing game you can have the chance of racing with the greatest champions of car racing. It comes with stunning visuals with high detailed cars, tracks, garages and racing drivers. It gives you to choose from 6 different official cars  to drive on 6 different recreated tracks from ROC events. It has three different game modes: championship, dual and time challenge. It has numerous camera views, car damage and detailed replay system.

10. 3D Drag Race

3D Drag Race

With this racing game you can rediscover the joy of drag racing in eye candy 3D graphics. In this game there are over 50 cars to choose, which are divided into 10 car categories. You can start off with some hot hatches, defeat the level boss and progress to sportier cars. As you progress through the level of games you will learn to balance your cash and fame points.you earn cash by winning and performing well during races that you lost. Fame points are rare and valuable. You can use them to buy new cars or upgrade to the highest levels.

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