10 Best LAN Based Video Games For 2013

2013 will be a fun year of gaming. Do you want to enjoy a LAN party along with your friends. Below mentioned are the top ten multiplayer LAN based video games which are based on rating and popularity. So, come let’s browse these games and find games that will fascinate you and will provide you a great level of excitement and amusement. Come, Let’s read about them.

1- America’s Army:-

America’s ArmyThere is no surprise to see that popular shooter from the US army. This game strives or attempt for authenticity.This game features a broad selection of roles, vehicles and guns. On each level, you will got a mission, which you need to complete within the time. If you like or enjoy action, then this game is actually for you only.

2- Grand Theft Auto 2:-

Grand Theft Auto 2 This game is really an excellent one which include adequate amount of thrill and excitement. Multiple players can duke inside the game and in this, you will find everything killing, driving and even thievery. In this game, you have to beat another player. This multi player component too features maps and game modes. This game can be played by at least six players.

3- Team Fortress 2:-

Team Fortress 2It is a quality oriented multiplayer shooter game. This game include nine different classes, multiple game modes and collectible guns. It’s a modern classic and fast paced game  which include thrill, fun and lots of excitement.

4- Build and shoot:-

build and shootThe blocky graphics included in this fast paced game actually makes it more thrilling and exciting. In this game, players can both create and even destroy blocks and even can change their battlefields to address their needs. There are three guns to select from and using these, you will truly get a unique and a fascinating gaming experience.


5- Trackmania nations forever:-

Trackmania nations foreverIt is a wildly fun racing game which is fast paced with tight controls. Plenty of tracks an interesting levels in this game actually makes this game more refreshing and interesting. The best part is that this game is ideal for all age groups. For both novice and experienced players, there are great challenges to face in order to win this game.

6- Counter strike:-

Counter strikeThis is really a fascinating and a popular online action game. In this game, two teams are there, terrorists and counter terrorists. Terrorists will plant bombs and another ones need to diffuse them and the bad team name terrorists will escape from areas and others will guard that area.

7- Need for speed:-

Need for speedIt is the only game that supports multiplayer gameplay. There are two versions and each one supports LAN multiplayer gaming. A player selects a car and race against the time limit against other players and have to reach the destination. Police chases are also included in this which makes this game more fun loving and exciting.

8- Call of duty 4:-

Call of duty 4This shooter video game is developed by infinity ward and is simply incredible. You can also considered this game a smooth, responsive and fast paced game play. Playing this game for once, you  will truly get an amazing experience.

9- Age of Empires:-

Age of empiresIt’s a history based real time video game which allow you act as a leader of traditional civilization. In order to get victory in this game, players can utilize modern technology and have to gather another resources. Playing this game for once, you will truly get addicted to it.

10- Arena:-

ArenaIt’s a multiplayer game shooter video game which focus on multiplayer action. This game blends the multiplayer experience with PC controlled players. This is actually on the top  and provide users the great fun, excitement and thrill.

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