10 Best Alternative Software Similar to Teamviewer

Below mentioned are the best alternative software which are quite similar to Teamviewer and do have the same features. So, come lets read about them.

1- LogMeIn:-

Login Me

It gives you remote control of your computer with an internet connection.  It is completely free and this enable you do file transfers, sound and printing and so forth.

2- Remote desktop connection:-

Remote desktop connection

It provides or offers remote access to the desktop of computer. Using this software, you can even connect your home computer to your office computer.

3- UltraVNC:-


It is highly powerful, simple to use which can display the screen’s of another computer to your own screen . This software allow you to utilize your mouse and keyword and allow file transfer.

4- Chrome Remote Desktop:-

Chrome Remote Desktop

This software gives you remote control in Chrome. This program allow users to remotely access your and someone other’s computer with chrome browser. It is actually same like the Teamviewer and do have same advanced features.

5- Join.me:-

This software is a quick and nor any registration required. It allows you the remote controlling of your own and someone another’s PC. It also allows screen and file sharing.

Join me

6- AMMYY Adminn:-



It is highly reliable and a friendly tool to control or get computer access. With this software, you can provide remote administration, assistance to your clients . This software has gained popularity because of its incredible features.

7- CrossLoop:-


This software is free and got a fully secured screen sharing feature and got all technical skill level. It extends the level of traditional screen sharing and it ensure to make things even more easier.

8- Gbridge:-


It is completely a free software that enable you remote control your PC in an effective manner and allow you share screen of your office computer even from home. Simply an innovative and incredible software.

9- Mikogo:-


This software is an easy to use remote desktop one which allow you fast and secure solution for controlling support of PC. It allows you control web conference, online meetings, seminars and many more.

10- ISL Light:-


ISL Light

It is quite a simple, secure and an affordable desktop solution. It enable an operator to connect with anyone’s computer across the globe within 30 seconds. Realy got incredible features.

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  1. flight-planning answers
    flight-planning answers

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful article. Many thanks for supplying this information.

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for a alternative of team viewer…where feature like “BLACK SCREEN” is available or somewhat similar to that is available..

    Can you please help me out?

  3. Alternative tools are pretty good.today i learned about a software that we can transfer files remotely .i tried this using team viewer unable to do .

    Thanks for spreading the knowledge

  4. Hey, another very good alternative is RHUB remote support server.

  5. Hi Kabu,

    Thanks for taking the time to try Mikogo and include it in your article.

    @subbareddy – with Mikogo you can transfer files of up to 200MB to one or all your meeting participants during a screen sharing meeting. Hope that helps!

    If you would like to know more about the software features, you’ll find more info here https://www.mikogo.com/features/


  6. + 1 to Ammyy! As for me I tried many remote monitoring software, but this is the best for sure! Except all the standard features, the program offers voice chat capability, presentations sharing. No need to install, the remote desktop is available in few seconds after Ammyy Admin has been run.

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