10 Best Android Blogging Apps Every Blogger Must Have

With enormous levels of initiation spurring the landscape of mobile applications as well as the technological progress of mobile phones, bloggers today are offered the possibility to not only blog on the go, but in addition to run many blogging-related jobs on their smart phones when they are not at their computer.

best android blogging apps

10 Best Android Blogging Apps Every Blogger Must Have

1. WordPress

WordPress is definitely the most famous blogging platform on the web.

2. Blogger

Blogger is just another platform that is popular that lots of bloggers that are private use. Then you need to definitely give this program a go in the event that you own a site on Blogger.

3. Tumblr

Many bloggers choose to maintain a Tumblr site, also called a microblog, as an alternative to a full blown website. It is because posting brief blurbs of interesting content including pictures, videos and estimates are taxing.

4. Writer

Blogging and getting things done making use of your smart phone is difficult, particularly when there are a lot of distractions on the display itself. Incoming notifications and programs will be the most typical productivity killers.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive enables bloggers to save all sorts of documents including Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, pictures, sound, videos and lots of others in the Cloud.

6. Dictionary.com

Not certain regarding the precise significance of a word that you are planning to put in your site post? Need to be aware of the significance of phrase or a word found in remarks posted by your readers? Well, Dictionary.com is the remedy for each of the aforementioned issues.

7. Swift Key Computer Keyboard

This can be a dream-come-true program for those people who are tired of the small keyboard buttons as well as typos on smart phones or your tablet computers. SwiftKey Computer Keyboard does not only auto correct your typos, additionally, it offers word forecasts based on your own typing tasks that are previous.

8. Picture Editor

Using a smartphone, pictures are able to snap on the go and attach them to our site posts in the long run or either instantaneously.

9. Disqus

Many bloggers are incorporating the Disqus remarking system onto their sites due to the community characteristics that keep them engaged and bring site commenter back.

10. Flipboard

Flipboard just found its Android program lately. It curates and also merges a flow of significant reports for those who find themselves too preoccupied to go through everything. As a blogger, applying this program and browsing through news content that is interesting will give you new ideas about what to write about in the next blog post.

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