10 Best Anti theft Tracking Apps for Android Smartphones

If your Android device is missing or has been stolen, then need not worry, take a long breathe and just relax. As we got a broad range of applications which will surely help you get your smartphone back or will keep your important data safe from intruders. Some of the applications do have features which will help you track your missing phone. So, come and have a look over these 10 amazing apps.

1- Where’s my droid:-

my droid

It is a pure find my Android app which will assist you locating your device. When your phone gets missing, sending a particular code will make your phone ring, even if you have kept that on silent mode and then you will receive a code from phone which got GPS which will correlate you with your phone. You can control your phone with this by making it connected with the commander option. You can easily take out or seal your influential data from being misuse.

2- Plan B:-


If you had not install any theft tracking app to your Android before it gets stolen, then need not worry as in this case, Plan B will act as a life saver. This app can easily locate your cell towers and GPS and will send its accurate location to your Gmail  inbox. This will keep you updating the exact location of your phone in every 10 minutes.

3- Android lost free:-Android lost freeThis application is not only ideal for finding your missing phone but will also agony the thief. You can activate the alarm to a ring along with a flashing screen which enable GPS, Wi-Fi connection and will wipe he Sd card as well and will provide you the thief’s latest call list.

4- SeekDroid Lite:-

SeekDroid Lite

This application has all regular and can remote lock and wipe, SMS activation feature, ring alert even in silent mode, can hide from view mode and last but not the least GPS enable feature. Moreover, you can also get recent call details. The best feature is that it can work without a Sim card as well.

5- AntiDroidtheft:-


This is a basic anti theft application which will locate your device with GPS and can also track changes that may are made to your Sim card. Recent call list and ring alert feature is also included into it.

6- Cerberus:-


It do includes all influential features like remote alarm, GPS tracking, wipe off SD card and internal storage, remote or track lock of phone and last SIM alerts. You can even record audio from microphone. The account of this app will allow you use over at least 5 devices.

7- Prey Anti theft:-

Prey Anti theft

To utilize this application, you need to install it before the lost of your device. To locate your lost device, you need to activate Prey SMS by typing “GO PREY” in caps and then log into the control panel and mark your phone as Missing and you will start getting the SMS regarding the location of your android.

8- Find My phone:-Find My phoneIt is actually a simple app which allows you track your phone with GPS. Just type “findme”to start locating and “ringaloud” to make the ring start. Within no time, you will get to know the exact location of your Android.

9- Lookout Security and Antivirus:-

Lookout Security and Antivirus

With this application, you can locate your device on Google maps, ring your phone and lock it remotely with it. If your battery has been lost, then in this case, they will make you know the last location of your device.

10- McAfree Antivirus and Security:-

McAfree Antivirus

This is actually an award winning application software that will make your smartphone safe from being stolen and if stolen also, then also it will make you locate the exact distance of you and your device.

So, these all are those amazing applications, install them now and provide anti theft protection to your Android.

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