10 Best Chrome Extensions I Cannot Live Without As a Blogger

Extensions are small software programs used for the quality improvement of chrome browser. Where some of the extensions add new features to your browser. I hope everyone loves to use chrome all over the world. Even most of the Mac users use chrome rather using safari, because it has smooth performance and easy to access. These extensions provide better improvement and usage of your current browser.

Using chrome we experience something but using chrome with extensions its amazing experience. This extension gives more flexibility to do research. Here are some extensions which you should use at least once in your chrome.


SEO quake lite:

This is an SEO extension which deals with search engine optimization and also promotion of internet websites. It is helpful in obtaining information about any website. SEO quake has toolbar which shows values for every search. This is one of the helpful extensions for chrome to check Alexa rank which calculates the traffic ranking where they are updated every day. This can be shown at the bottom of toolbar for easy access. Page rank which is used by Google which helps in determining the importance of a website and the rank score between 0 and 10. SEO quake tool also compares URL’s of the page links required. Keyword density tool shows how many times a keyword appears on web page.

seo quake

We can create our own parameters for SEO quake. This extension sends some queries to search engines for requesting some information and it’s the safest.

EYE dropper:

It is an open source extension for chrome which allows picking favourite colours from different source. You can pick any colour on your current webpage and also store in history or else you can copy them to clipboard. Every color you picked will be stored in history for future use. If you are interested in colors and selective for your blog, then Eye dropper is highly recommended.

Eye Dropper

From this tool we can pick color from image and store it for further use. When you pick a color using eyedropper tool in the toolbar, it appears in foreground. Similarly if you want to pick from background, hold Alt-key when selecting color using this tool.

To make this color selection more accurate use Capslock and Eyedropper which turns into target, this can collect single pixel of the image. It is also possible to pick color from other applications also when the image is opened. To pick the color code just activate the Eye Dropper tool and put the cursor on the required image and drag the colr that you want to select.

Awesome Screenshot:

This is the highest rated screen capture tool with over 2 million users. There is a default option for saving an image is by storing the image in awesomescreenshot.com with less time. This is one of the extensions most of them use to take screenshot from the browser and also edit. We can screenshot this as whole page, visible page and in a selected area. This extension helps to crop the image and blurring some part in image and can also highlight any area required. And also you can save them in disk and you can share them directly to anyone.

Awesome Screenshot

You can capture the whole page or selected area and also supports desktop capture. While editing it can crop, scroll and show area dimensions. We can also blur the image to hide sensitive information. Just copy the screenshot and paste in Gmail, Facebook etc.


Over 15 million people use Pocket extension to save articles, videos, recipes, webpage’s easily. With Pocket, all of the content will be stored, so that you can view it anytime and anywhere on any device. You don’t even need an Internet connection. This is a bookmarking app on your phone, tablet or computer, even if you are offline. While travelling pocket is the perfect way to use.


Pocket lets you save enormous data and content while browsing online and we can also send this to our loved ones through Facebook or Email. Pocket extension is very helpful for educational students where they can save content in digital library and can read them at home when required.


This is the best extension for marketing people as they know the importance of comparing the others website. It gives full information about any website and also it estimates the traffic data. This is an essential tool for marketers, SEOs and business people.

It is really a helpful extension, helps with competition research, keywords. Using this tool we can save lot of time and money testing on ads and other keywords. We have paid version and free tool where the paid version is worth it and it is very easy to use.

This also includes display advertising, blog posts, search engine marketing, twitter mentions etc. Follow can look up the information in seconds whereas the other websites take more than 10 minutes to get the same information. It is one of the most valuable research tools.

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This is a paid extension and has some predefined templates. Headlinr which is a headline generator tool for creating converting titles, headlines and subject lines for Emails, blog post and social status updates.


Headlines are important that creating attractive headline is a plus. This is a great tool for copywriters which is simple to use and user friendly. It generates instant headlines and we love it. It helps in picking out headlines that convert very easily. It’s a terrific extension and time saver which creates a virtual assistant for the important headline to create. This app makes writing online much easier and it’s the smart way to increase traffic.


One of My best Plugin Which helps me Alot this is a life saver extension for poor educational students. It verifies your mistakes and corrects them in grammatical way. Grammar Checker helps you write confidently on social websites like Gmail, Facebook and anywhere on the Web. With Grammarly, you can always be sure that your words are mistake-free and say what you mean.


If anyone interested in writing better posts then this tool is necessary. Email marketing tools does not have spell check where grammarly checks spelling and grammar and also suggests you with some amount of freedom to write in your way. Wonderful extension for vocabulary and also for proofreading of the articles. It also gives the explanation of what’s going on so that you can avoid the same mistake again. While you are writing something this tool sits beside you and helps in correcting every mistake.

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This helps to find the plug-in which are installed on wordpress. This also helps to spy any website with just one click. An icon which appears on address bar shows the spy framework. This extension can detect more than 100 popular CMS and libraries.

Perfect tool for inspection of all hidden behind. Some of the spybar highlights are discovering new wordpress themes and plugins, easy browser Add-On which is compatible with goggle chrome. Real time results which mean you will get the updated results and uncover black links; this tool helps in improving SEO to find new sites that are linked to your site.

The whols information, this helps when you have trouble in get touch with owner of a website and make a contact with them.


This is a paid version. Passwords play important role in online industry, paying some amount to secure is worthy. From this extension we can access passwords by login from anywhere. This helps to resolve the problem when you forget your password.


A great handy password keeper and it’s a worth for full version to get high level security. Lastpass is essential for today’s unsecured world. It remembers all your passwords and you can access them from other computers very easily. This tool allows us to use complex passwords for fast accessing to variety of sites. Basically it remembers and also generates passwords and important information. Now you can use different passwords for each website and keep yourself secure. This acts like manager to organize by keeping all your logins and passwords in searchable spot.

Stores the details of credit cards and shopping profiles just by adding them. It also attaches docs, PDF’s audios and more.


the name itself says that this extension is for blocking the unnecessary adds which appears on websites while you are surfing. The original AdBlock for Chrome works automatically. This is available for iPhone, Safari, and Opera. This not only helps to block the ads but also helps to open your browser quickly.


It works in the background and blocks every single ad. Most of the ads disturbs while browsing and stops the popups that come from related websites. Also blocks the ads at the side of sites which does nothing but irritates while browsing.

This helps you to surf the web easily and comfortably with no effort. Most of them personally use these extensions and this article helps you in selecting the best extension for your chrome.

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