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Best Video Editing Software & Tools

In the previous times, video making and editing had been considered the task of expertise or technicians and for making videos people occasionally, used to hire professional photographers and video makers to keep recording for their precious and memorable moments. But, as far as the technology has been developing and innovative advancement taking place in the market, all these things are becoming a piece of cake for the experts and general people too. A vast variety of video making and video editing software are now available in the market, both paid and unpaid. Probably it will become a difficult task for the users that which one has to be chosen.

In this post, the list is being prepared for those users who want to buy or try video making and editing software.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  1. AVS Video Editor

    If you are looking for the video editing software which can be used easily, then your first choice should be AVS video editor. It is a professional and quick video editor for Windows computers and developed by media technologies. It offers huge options of multi-effects, support for blue-rays videos and can share videos directly through platforms like Facebook. It supportive input formats are AVI, VCD, MP4, MKV, MPG, FLV, AMV, DAT, 3GP, etc. it provides unlimited trial versions to its users, and available as a bundle of $59.

    avs video editor - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  2. Adobe Premiere Pro

    It is hugely popular software for pictures and videos editing, available for Windows and Mac. Adobe Premiere Pro is a grand video editing tool; mainly features are considered such as mixing with effects and Photoshop, superb transitions, video masking features, etc. it key features are HD Support, storyboard mode, linear time code display, unlimited audio and video tracks and NDE.

    Adobe Premiere Pro - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  3. Final Cut Pro

    It is the best video editing tool helping filmmakers for editing movies. Final Cut Pro has many features, for instance, an awesome user interface, useful keyboard shortcuts and much more. Final cut pro is the top video editor in Mac. It supported platform is Macintosh, and its prices are $299 for users. Key features are; non-destructive editing, HD Support, storyboard mode and up to 99 video tracks and 99 audio tracks.

    final cut pro - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  4. Light Works

    There is different video editing software, but Light-works is the only, having the support of Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X. its supported platforms are Windows, Linux and Mac, it has free to download but has a Pro version. Some importing ant features are; background export, import, dedicated web export option and rendered, etc.

    light works - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  5. Sony Vegas Pro

    It can be called the BIG BROTHER of Sony Vegas movie studio for the reason that it offers advanced features. Sony Vegas Movie Studio offers powerful effects, stereoscopic 3D editing, support for 4K video, multi-track audio environment, iOS devices through the corresponding application, impressive media management, DVD Layout and Design and with all that it offers one option of look back what you have done. It’s supported platform is Windows.

    sony vegas pro - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  6. Cinelerra

    Cinelerra has powerful features having supported platform is Linux, and its prices are free. It can download for almost every Linux distribution. It has three sections that assist the editors to perform their job neatly-timeline, viewer, compositor and resource window.

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    CINELERRA - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  7. Pinnacle Studio

    It is used extensively for video editing, available for Windows devices. Pinnacle Studio has a lot of features like drag and drops editing of HD video, DVD authoring, an ability for adding sounds and music, the collection of royalty-free tracks, timeline-based editing up to 6 tracks. It supported platform is Windows.

    pinnacle studio - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  8. Pitivi

    Pitivi has widely used software of video editing that is available for Linux-based devices. If you are searching for video editing software, then Pitivi would be your best choice. It has enough features that can give you satisfaction, like, hundreds of transitions, availability of multiple languages, filters and effects, precision-based video editing, etc. it supported platform is Linux.

    pitivi - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  9. Cyberlink Power Director

    It is extensively used software, that has many features and one of them is that you may also use it on your smart phones. It supported platform is Linux. It has no prices. If you want professional looking animations along with slides show to stunning videos, Cyber Link power director would be an option for you.

    CYBERLINK POWER DIRECTOR - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

  10. Kdenlive

    When you are searching for video editing software, Kdenlive is a great solution. It supported platforms are FreeBSD, Linux and Mac, and free of charges. It provides an option that you can pause according to your need, multi-track editing features and much more.

    kdenlive - Best Video Editing Software & Tools

    These all are top ten video editing programmers if you want to get further information about that, so you may visit their websites which are available on the internet.


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