What is AdSense actually and why are we bothered of themes for AdSense earnings?? Let me give a brief glance on AdSense, it is a feature provided by Google to earn from the advs. links they provide. The more traffic your blog or website gets, the more chances for AdSense earnings is. People who are good at programming know how to create a blog or website of their taste. Then what about the beginners who don’t know about website building and designing?? Word press solves their problem; it provides several themes to be selected which helps in monetizing your blog or website. The more interactive and attractive is your blog or website the more people’s attention is drawn. Most of the themes are free of cost while some need to be purchased. Thus themes for word press play a very important role in AdSense earnings.

Here are top 10 best AdSense earning word-press themes.


Interactive wordpress theme

It is one of the word-press themes which allow the author to open up the description to the users and have a pulsatile interaction between them. It is featured with several Google tools like different theme colours, Google translate helps to translate some complicated in according to their language all over the world. The best feature of this is, though two websites are of same Interactive theme they are never alike. It has automatically hiding canvas mobile menu which attracts the traffic.


This theme is mainly for magazine theme. It is provided with many social networking plugins so that people subscribe whenever they see them. It makes easy for article reading since every articles are placed hierarchy. It makes you feel like reading a magazine on your gadget.


This theme is mainly for photo journalist and travel blogs. If your blog has several high definition photos to be published, then this theme is the best appropriate theme. This also provides several tools like social media plug-ins for instant subscription and Google translate, to translate to other languages throughout the world. This theme is full of photos, so the attractive photo you place, the more traffic gets to the website.


This theme is for the website which is rich in matter. The key feature of this theme is that it has search engine optimization (SEO) built-in. It is adaptable and user friendly theme. It is provided with a Google translate which translates to dozens of languages all over the world at an instance. Each article in the website can provided with different colours and layouts which makes website always stay new and informative. This is a paid theme, but gives a great professional appearance for very less revenue.


Here the layout is of grid, thus making it an interesting theme in word-press. Every article is displayed as a grid, which makes an out-of-the box feel. It makes very collective to the users. Thus it showsmore articles on the screen without any scrolling down.


It can be adapted easily and the most adaptable one in word-press. This theme is built so that it can be made easy at any sizes of screen. Thus regular viewers standardize this website for being convenient on any gadgets. Since it has several features, it is not for free. It has three basic layouts in it, boxed and wide and finally framed. Layout can be swapped anytime we need, thus making a new look for each time.


Truemag is the one of the best responsive themes in word-press. Irrespective of the gadget you use, it gives you the best reading experience. To make the reading convenient it is provided with two different skins which help in retina protection for the readers, they are dark and light skins. All these are monetized at only $55.


Prostore is not a special featured theme, but it is user-friendly theme compatible for any type of gadget. Is has in-built Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provided with Google translate for instant translation of language.

WP Prosperity:

It is mainly for customization of advs. display. Advts can be placed where ever we want based on our imagination. It can be even place d in the header region.



Many people prefer this theme because of its look. It can be customizable as we need. It can be easily customizable and manageable. It attracts people to stay on to your website and earn you some money.

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  2. These are the best adsense wordpress themes

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