10 Tips To Improve And Boost Android Battery Life And Performance

There are numerous Android users complaining about bad battery performance because nowadays numerous normal mobile phones have evolved into Smartphones. If you are also noticing a decrease in your battery timings, then come lets read the below mentioned facts. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks which one can utilized to enhance Android battery life.


1- Never leave your device in direct sunlight. This will reduce the efficiency of battery as well.

2- After a week, drain the battery charge and then charge it fully again.

3- Make sure to unplug the charger when your device is completely charged and over charging of your device can ruin your battery’s life span.

4- Make sure not to overclock the processor of your device. By default, processors are under clocked to assure performance. Overclocking leads to ruin of batteries.

5- Make sure to avoid live wallpapers, even if they do not get used in a frequent manner but still they consume a huge battery life.


6- Set the brightness level of your device to a lowest point as high brightness consume more battery of your device.


7- Make sure to turn off the auto sync option as this will refresh your e-mails and other options after every 5 minute in case, your device is upon stand by mode.


8- Opt for using Android power control widget to switch on network features like Wi-Fi. This will result in low consumption of battery.

9- Never use task killer applications and opt for background applications manually. For this, all you need to do is simply press hold button and application run in the background will be available over the screen.

10- Make sure to disable Adobe flash while browsing data as this will consume high amount of battery. It takes a lot amount of battery to load and utilizes extra data, as well.

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