3 Impressive Ways to Remotely Spy Viber Chats!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably always worrying about what your kids talk about on the phone too. Things were a lot easier when my child’s cellphone plan was under my control. But now my kids have free apps like Viber, so they can literally be on their phones all the time. But I’m one step ahead of them, because I’ve found a way to spy Viber chats so things can still be in my control. And I do this with the help of an app called XNSPY.


Why Monitor Viber?

Research has shown that kids use instant messengers for their everyday communications way more than they use regular SMS. So if you check through their texts but neglect the IMs, you’re doing digital parenting wrong. Viber is among the most commonly downloaded IM apps, so keeping an eye on how your kids use it should be an obvious thing to do.

Monitoring Viber Chats

After you install XNSPY on your kid’s phone, you’ll be able to remotely view their Viber chats. This can be pretty handy when you want to know the content of your kid’s conversations. Are they talking about trying recreational drugs? Do they want to illegally buy alcohol? Are they planning on any other mischief that might be dangerous? Monitoring Viber chats will give you all the answers.

Monitoring Viber Contacts

Do you want to know who your kids talk to the most? Using XNSPY to monitor Viber contacts will keep you in the know. You can check who they are texting or calling. This way you can know if someone on their contact list is a stranger or a friend of theirs.

Watchlist for Viber

Here’s another cool thing you can do with XNSPY: you can put certain words and contacts on the Watchlist. What this means is that you will get alerts anytime your kid contacts a suspicious contact or uses suspicious words. These words could be ‘party’ or ‘rave’ or ‘cigarettes’. And the contact could be a friend you don’t trust, or a stranger that is sending weird messages to your child.

XNSPY Always Works!

I’ve been using XNSPY to spy Viber chats for a while now, and it’s been working like a dream. Not only am I in the know with who my kids are talking to, I can put an end to anything mischievous or suspicious before it snowballs into a bigger problem. Installing XNSPY is the best way to ensure your child’s safety.

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  1. Hii Kabul
    Viber chat is awesome and very like by the mostly teenagers ….
    Here viber chat accesses to remotely is different and useful idea
    Thanks sharing with us

  2. One of the biggest issues with the information age and new technology is that parents still have to keep abreast of what their children are up to online

    The fact that many of the younger generation think nothing of advertising their habits in the public domain can be both good and bad!

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