4 most admired WordPress social media plugins

Traffic is the most significant idea for any blogger regardless the fact whoever your audience is and wherever you are or anything you blog about. The exponential increase of social media has made it potential for old and new bloggers alike to get their website recognized and rapidly circulated.

As a blogger you understand the competition is high so it is important for you to discover a means to make your website more interesting than other sites; and how can you attain this – WordPress plugin that are social. There is an infinite variety of WordPress plugins that are societal with so much benefits and varied functionalities hence, deciding on the best ones can get you completely confused. So here we bring you 4 most admired WordPress social media plugins 2015.

1. Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

If you’re using Jetpack plugin, you add these buttons and can activate the sharing module.This plug-in is amazing. It includes lots of choices that are excellent to enhance your WordPress site, but the important reason I installed this plug-in was for its social media sharing abilities. This plug-in gives me a simple and efficient means to share across all my social media websites without needing to log in to each one. It is saved me lots of headaches and time, which can be why I like it!

2. Share this buttons

Share this buttons

That is another advantageous yet improved plug-in to incorporate social media share buttons in your website. The reason I used the word improved is because, this plug-in comes with tons of customisation choice. There are many positioning alternatives. Among the plugin’s most effective attribute is it is going to allow you to monitor your social media sharing.

That is a social plugin which allows one to set buttons for people in your post in addition to allow you to pick almost any social media web site that you would like to target.

3. Digg Digg 

That is another popular plug-in to rapidly incorporate social media sharing in your site. These plug-in offers multiple attributes including lazy loading, that will make sure your site will not be slowed down by social media sharing buttons substantially. It is also possible to add floating sharing bar using this plug-in.

SeeWord press VS Blogger

4. DC Simple Share Buttons

All above mentioned plug-ins offers the similar functionality but one thing that you might not enjoy about them is, the load time raises. Especially when it is a fact that website load time is among the ranking variable on search engines and traffic generation. This plug-in will not load outside script and JavaScript, and so does not slow down your website. That is not for everyone, but I am sure few of you would enjoy this plugin’s theory.

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