5 Best Android Backup Apps

One day you think of some good old memories and try to browse back some good pictures in your gallery or some old messages. But to your disappointment as you started everything is just gone!!!

You had never backed it up. But thank fully there are innumerable applications today that will backup all the data of your phone without any worry.

Most of the programs you will discover below are with the capacity of doing much more than simply backing up and restoring programs. I will be discussing how easy it is to back up and restore programs first and foremost, and continue to more noteworthy characteristics from that point to keep matters simple.

5 Best Android Backup Apps

1. Helium

helium Android backup

Free download is available however for professional subscription you have to pay $5.

Helium is now a fan favourite and was released a little more than last year. Can you back-up information and your programs to cloud storage services or your phone; however you can also sync information from one device to another!

If it is not a secure program, naturally, it is simply a swipe and harness away to save the whole program to the internal storage of your phone.

Beyond program information and routine applications, you can just as readily backup SMS, Wifi connection settings, user dictionaries, and much more.

2. Titanium Backup

While Titanium Backup might be among the earliest and most complete programs seen on the Google Play Shop now. This program makes any calculator program appear to be a refined and elegant work of art.

You can easily download the Titanium Backup root but for the professional version you must spend$6.

3. My Backup

Easily back-up programs and media or program info to your own phone’s internal storage, or Rerware’s cloud servers (you are given a small quantity of space). Updating to My Backup Pro will allow for data migration and program information copy between multiple apparatus.

Download the Mybackup and for the pro version spend $5.

4. Ultimate backup

Supreme Back-Up offers a slew of choices and is perhaps the best-constructed program in the group.

The program offers of even, and a whole lot of utility characteristics several UI tweaks. Additionally, although it is possible for you to place the layout of programs are shown select what display transition animation when swiping through the panes.

Program info programs, SMS, contacts, as well as other telephone information choices are accounted for, and users that were frozen may also restore from Nandroid back-ups.

Download the Ultimate Backup Free but pay $3 for pro version.

5. App Backup & Restore

That is definitely the easiest program in this list; also it does just what it promises to do and more.

Not many choices can be found, and that is really a great thing. In the event you do not care for saving program info and want an easy method to just back up your programs with no fuss, this is going to be the simpler choice for you.

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