5 Best Android Phones under 25000 Rs March 2015

And that means you are prepared to pay a great sum of 25,000 Rs. On your Smartphone that is next you should look for 5 Best Android Phones under 25000 Rs March 2015. Afterward, it is for certain as there are variety of great mobiles in this range and you wish to be 100% certain to get the finest one, this job is not so simple. I have written the most recent list of 5 Best Android Phones under 25000 Rs March 2015.

This range includes some awesome mobiles with great characteristics, great functionality and a premium feel. When purchasing a phone of the budget you will make sure you get a mobile having some superior attributes, be it within the hardware or the specifications, you are going to get a great device if you are selecting from given list. This range has something for each kind of user if you are a gamer; you see videos more frequently, need great music experience or perhaps anything. And if budget matters and you are looking for phones under 25000 INR then check out here!

Which has made me better comprehend perspective and what is needed of the buyers. So I am looking to make this list comfortable by giving you intelligent advice. You are always welcome to inquire your queries.

Smartphones under 25000

Here is the list of 5 Best Android Phones under 25000 Rs March 2015

1. Sony Xperia Z1

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2. HTC Desire 820

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3. Google Nexus 5 (16 GB)

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4. LG G2 (16 GB)

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5. Samsung Galaxy Alpha


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I can understand that finding the right phone these days if not easy especially when you look for comprehensive package in terms of good processor, memory, camera, music (speaker) and last but not the least looks.

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