5 Best Phones under 30,000

As the New Year begins, new discoveries, new styles and new budgets replace the old ones. The holiday season has just passed by and everyone is looking forward for something amazingly different as well as fresh. People are now wondering what technology should be tried in order to give themselves something fresh to experiment. From computers to phones, everyone is changing something or the other in the light of modern technology.

Talking about phones, recently there is a lot of new competition that has taken over the market with the introduction of high valued smart phones at lower prices. This is something that has created a pricing war when it comes to selling competitive brands. Every brand boosts about selling much for less with style. While we ponder over which phones are the best ones to buy, more and more come and take over the market hence making the decision even more difficult. To ease this situation up, first we suggest you to develop a budget. When you step into the market, you can find a phone which is as low as 3000 Rs and as high as 100,000 Rs. So to maximize the value of your money, first it is absolutely crucial that you have certain capping in mind, which is your budget something maximum that you will pay for a phone you like and not a penny more. If you are someone, who has a set of 30k then you are going to absolutely love this blog, we will be talking about 5 of the best phones that maximize your spending to full value and you can buy staying under that budget.

 5 Phones Under 30k


Huawei 3C LTE

If you are looking for a phone, that not only supports the high frequency 4G technology, but also has bamboozling specifications, then the Huawei 3C LTE is the one you should go for. It was classified as having the strongest specs when it comes to mid-range tier 2 phones in the market. With a 5 inch high definition display, this phone runs on the latest Android Kitkat technology, providing you with top quality user experience, something that you usually experience in the Tier one phones. An 8 MP camera is what will not make you tired of taking absolutely stunning shots as well as high definition 5MP selfies. The phone is currently priced at Rs. 28,999 and is much more than the price.

Nokia Lumia 1320

If you think Nokia is completely out of the market, then think again. It might have become the associate league when it comes to smart phones, but is never out of the market. The new mid range Nokia Lumia 1320 which is available for Rs. 28,890 is the best 3G/ 4G phone you can have if you like the Windows 8 interface.

Lenovo Golden Warrior

A phone that comes in Golden color, from Lenovo is available at a mere Rs. 25,990. It offers tremendous features that are competitive to any high end phone in the market.

LG G2 Mini

A whopping 7 inches of screen, with high definition display, this LG phone will take you by surprise with its amazing features and a price of Rs 27,500.

HTC Desire

HTC has gained a lot of popularity in the market, which is why their new Desire mid-range series is something to look forward to at a price of Rs. 28,000.

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