5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headphones for Your Smartphone

Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headphones for Your Smartphone

Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headphones, Headphones to many of us are almost as important as our smartphone. They offer escapism – you can just put on your headphones and block out the traffic around you. But finding the right pair is not always easy. Just like smartphones, there are plenty of different headphone styles out there. You can find traditional earbuds or opt for open-back models. On top of the most popular options are wireless headphones.

But what do you need to keep in mind when you are thinking about buying Bluetooth headphones for your smartphone? These are the five considerations you need to have when shopping for Bluetooth headphones.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Headphones for Your Smartphone
Bluetooth Headphones for Your Smartphone

Focus on Form and Size

You should definitely start by thinking about comfort. More specifically, what form and size are the best for you. If you spend hours every day using the headphones, you definitely want to ensure they fit properly and feel comfortable to wear.

When it comes to wireless headphones, you have three main options:

  • In-ear model that goes inside the ear.
  • On-ear models that rest on top of your ears.
  • Over-ear models, which cover the entire ear.

The preference is really down to your personal comfort. Some people love the in-ear model while others simply can’t stand it. It’s definitely a good idea to test all the design styles once before you start looking to make sure you find just the right pick.

In terms of the size and portability, the over-ear models are the biggest. Therefore, if you want your headphones to fit into a small pocket, the other two options are probably better.

Check the Sound Quality

If you use your headphones a lot, you don’t want to buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones that doesn’t even work properly. You want the sound to be crisp and clear, enhancing your listening experience not hinder it.

The good news is that most new Bluetooth headphones now take advantage of a technology called aptX. This compresses the sound differently to traditional Bluetooth and provides you with a sound quality close to listening to a CD. So, if you are interested in a good quality, you want to ensure the pair has this specific technology.

Pay Attention to Specific Controls

Wired headphones tend to have controls, such as meddling with the volume, attached to the wire. This, of course, is not the case with the wireless versions and you should check how the controls work to ensure the headphones are functional in terms of your needs.

A large number of Bluetooth headphones have controls on the earpiece. The controls are often touch controls, although some of the more high-end models can also be controlled with voice control. You should check out the position of the controls and how easy it is to use them – especially if you would be using these controls on a regular basis.

In terms of controls, make sure to also pay attention to the Bluetooth connectivity itself. You want to know how easy it is to pair the headphones with your device. Some of the newest versions tend to use NFC functionality or a combination of that and the Bluetooth connection.

Check the Battery Life

Wireless headphones actually have a limited battery life. It’s important to pay attention to it because you don’t want to end up with a model that can’t keep up with your use. Most models can provide you quite a few hours of battery life so it shouldn’t be a problem even for the active user. Of course, the more you would use them during the day, the more attention you want to pay to battery life. It’s a good idea to read online reviews and focus on this aspect when shopping for new Bluetooth headphones.

Aside from the battery life itself, you might also want to focus on the charging times. Again, if you use your wireless headphones a lot, you need to make sure you can recharge them quick.

Keep an Eye on the Price

Of course, you also need to consider the price. Bluetooth headphones come in all kinds of price tags – there is an option available whether you have a small or a limitless budget. While most premium headphones do cost more and provide more quality, you can get decent Bluetooth headphones without paying a fortune. You can utilize discount offers listed on OZCodes, this way you might be able to snatch a great deal within your budget.

Now, start looking for the headphones with a budget in mind. Be realistic about the functions you can find with your budget. Don’t pay for a specific brand just because it’s a famous brand – really think what you want from the headphones and then find a model that fits those needs and your budget.

When it comes to smartphone headphones, you have plenty of options available. To make your search for the perfect Bluetooth headphone just a bit easier, you need to start looking for a pair with the above five considerations in mind. They’ll help you find just the right pair.


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