8 Best Free GPS Apps For Android Smartphones

Android actually has picked up its pace in smart phone industry that nowadays they are sharing even the same renowned name and eminent presence as Apple do. The only difference with this Google operating system is that several manufacturers are utilizing Android for their phone. Google already haveGoogle earth and Google maps. Nowadays, there are numerous GPS applications have made its way or have been launched onto Android.  Below are these GPS apps for Android smartphoneswhich have made these Android even more smarter.

1- Sygic:-Wisepilot

This is really an amazing GPS app which delivers a turn by turn GPS navigation system. It gets powered with  a voice guided system which is associated with countless maps. Moreover, maps and applications itself gets updated for absolutely free.  Maps even get stored on the Android smart phone even for offline use.  Another astonishing and notable features are:- 3D landscapes, real time traffic, dynamic lane guidance, speed camera and speed limit display.

2- Wisepilot:-Sygic

Overall features of this GPS app ensure to provide you things which you expect from an Android application. This app got feature which allow users to manage or remote routes online. Another notable features are it allow you find places nearby, you can even share your places with social networking websites, you can view routes on map and can receive text instructions.

3- Skobbler:


This astonishing app delivers free turn by turn instructions as well as voice powered system. Ths app also got 2D and 3D apps as ab additional feature. Other notable features are car and pedestrian mode,  2D view, clear voice guidance,map data will constantly remain updated, cloud made routing.

4- GPS Essentials:-

GPS Essentials

It is actually one of the most powerful application and is equipped with navigation, managing way points, routes. You can also build your dashboard with widgets. Another astonishing features of this application are navigation value included accuracy, speed,battery, course, date, distance, max speed and so forth. It got inbuild compass, camera HUD, you can even manage routes and can view them over the app’s maps.

5- Google Maps Navigation:-

Google Maps Navigation

Google have came up with this best free application in which voice guided navigation menu is also involved. You can find and get recommendations for places, you can  search along route, you can even save your map’s data which you can see even view in offline mode.

6- Street View on Google Maps:-

Street View on Google Maps

With this application, you can explore entire world. You can explore landmarks and can even check out places in and around your hometown. Another features are find nearby places,  You can search for street address, business and specific coordinates You cane even explore Worldwide and interactive maps.

7- Waze Social GPS Traffic Gas:-

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This waze is certainly a fun and a community based traffic web. This application do have capacity to improve everyone’s daily commute. Its another astonishing features are complete voice guided navigation, automatic re-routing, moreover, you can also learn your frequent destinations.

8- Telenav  GPS Navigator:-


Voice guided GPS app, maps, real time traffic updates, business listings.  It allow you find or explore new places and you will surely have a fascinating experience.  Its certainly a faster, simpler and a most convenient application which got everything one expect from a GPS app.

These all are fascinating GPS apps which actually are amazing and ensure to provide you an exciting GPS experience.

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