8 Best URL Shorteners and their Benefits

URL Shortener Tools is one of the most used tools by a large number of people as a regular tool. People use it to convert their long URL to a very short URL. This tool is very helpful in many tasks like you can share your website URL in social networking websites with many of your friends, it is widely used in internet marketing and can be useful in online web chatting. It is also assumed that to some level it can prevent your website from being spammed while sharing with others.

What is a URL Shorteners Tools?

It is one of the most useful tools for many websites and social media sites where a limited massage can be published or shared. A URL Shortner Tool is only for web services which allows you to place your long URL into the URL box and then just have to click shorten URL, your long URL will change to a very short URL of around 5 to 6 characters code in a second. The shortened URL will not show your website URL it will convert it to a small code with its own domain name and when any user will click on it. It will redirect that user to original URL of your website page automatically.

Benefits of URL Shorteners:


There are number of benefits of this URL Shortener. But few most highlighted and helpful are like; you can use this tool in micro blogs like Twitter, in which users are free to share URLs but in very short length of about 140 characters including your massage with URL. Another benefit is that when your create a short URL it works even when you made some changes to original the URL. And Some of the URL Shortener Tools provide services like tracking your traffic from any particular URL code. It will let you analyse the type of traffic you are receiving from that specific URL code.  It also is good to prevent your website from being spammed but some of the URL Shortener are also spammed.




It was launched on 2008 and was a default URL shortener of Twitter.


  • Hide , track and shorten your long URLs.
  • Real time traffic statistics for every single URL shortened.
  • Traffic builder.
  • Option to bookmarks your favorite links.
  • History records.


2 Ow.ly:


Ow.ly is a powerful URL shortener. This service is operated by Hootsuite managing social media.


  • Shorten URLs, share files and track visitors.
  • Slimmer and non-obtrusive.
  • Bookmarking of links.

3 Tinyurl:


It is one of the oldest tools in URL shortener service. Running since 2002 and it don’t ask you to register you just simply have to place your long URL and it will make it short for you.


  • Browser toolbar service.
  • Hide your Affiliate URLs.
  • URL Redirection.
  • Preview option.


4 Is.gd:


is gd shorten url

It is also good tool to use for shortening URLs but not that much famous as other tools. Also provide URL compressor service for Twitter.


  • Compress URLs for emails, forum posts, blogs, social websites etc.
  • Hide your Affiliate URLs.
  • Prevent your real email address from bots which mark them as spam.




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