8 Top Free Android Apps for Wi-Fi File Sharing

In this article we are going to present a list of 8 best available Apps on Android market for the task of sharing files over Wi-Fi network. This doesn’t mean that you can let other devices to share Wi-Fi network via your phone, but you can share files stored in your smartphone with other windows devices using any Wi-Fi network for both. You must be thinking about what the use of this Wi-Fi sharing when you already got many other options to share files like USB and Bluetooth. But let me point out some facts Bluetooth needs you to be in restricted distance to while sharing files and USB sharing is always not possible when you are away from your system, you need to be connected to your system if you want to use USB sharing. And the most important reason behind this Wi-Fi sharing apps that “Time always matters” it will provide you the maximum speed for files sharing process which you can’t get in Bluetooth and USB sharing. So come out of the restricted sharing zone and enter this new generation style of sharing anything at maximum transfer speed. Here we have shortlisted some of the best available Apps on Playstore for the purpose of Wi-Fi sharing, below are the 8 best Free Android Apps for Wi-Fi File Sharing:

1 Samba File Sharing

Samba Filesharing

Samba File Sharing is one of the best free offered app for file sharing. it provide an easy and simple access, your android smartphone will get the environment like windows shared folder and let you access your device’s external storage exactly like network shared folder using Wi-Fi.

2 WiFi File Transfer


WiFi File Transfer another helpful app to be considered in list of file sharing app using Wi-Fi. It let you upload and download files to and from your Android device. But upload option does have limit for the update size it should be less then 4mb. This app runs as a background process. Built in file manager, bulk upload and download feature provided with password authentication.

3 AirDroid

One of the most famous of all not only for the file sharing but many more other functions. This free and fast app will let you manage and access your Android using any desktop with Windows Os. Provide features like send and receive SMS on your your computer, ability to Locate and lock your Android when needed and can also wipe your all date remotely.

4 File Expert

File Expert is an ultimate file manager for your mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and cloud storage servers maximum all cloud server are compatible. Offered functions like DLNA and FTP Sharing, allow you to select an app to access various cloud services you need to use, Archive and app manager, Text Editor and Image Viewer and many more.

5 WiFi File Explorer

WiFi File Explorer is another app with some different features along file sharing. It allows you to you run plenty of other functions while sharing files over Wi-Fi network. You can manage your files too. It also can be used by web browser and best part is that you can download any directory with a single click. With features like search option to search any files, password protection, Visual indicators and runs in background.

6 Remote Web Desktop

The special part in this app is that along with the Wi-Fi file sharing, you can also control and manage remotely your Android device via USB or even 4G/3G/2G connection. With functions like Media player and Gallery Viewer, allows to make calls from PC, tools like Logcat, Support Desktop SMS, fake SMS and group messages.

7 Wireless File Transfer Lite

An App by Lextel Technology which offers you the same functions for file sharing to and from yourAndroid phone using Wi-Fi network. Very easy and simple to use. Upload and download files to and from device function available.

8 Kies Air

Kies Air an official app by Samsung Electronics MSDG for many different tasks with unique features but supports only Samsung devices. It allow to do many things like transfer multimedia files, listening music, send SMS and many other tasks. It offers you 4 digit pin code to connect to your PC system or laptops.

Here are all best selected Apps for you to make an efficient file sharing over Wi-Fi. Hope you find this list helpful also go ahead for sharing any other best related apps to this list via comments.

9. Share It :

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