A Detailed Guide On Advanced Search Operators For SEO Link Building

Did you know that 78% of the worldwide search is performed on Google? Amazing isn’t it? But there is more important question that should concern you as a webmaster, “Is this search traffic finding your website?”

If you understand the importance of SEO tactics like backlinking but find it next to impossible to find the right opportunities, the infographic I’ve created is meant for you. I’ve poured in my years of experience into this single image that will make your everyday professional life easy. Let me drive through a few points I’ve made in it.

Guest Blog to Earn Backlinks

One of the sure-shot ways of getting backlinks is guest blogging. To look for great opportunities without breaking a sweat, try this query: keyword/CompetitorName “Guest Blogging.” For instance, you could try: android “guest blogging opportunity.” The results will tell you about the guest blogging opportunities on Android related. I’ve brought you several such queries in the infographic.

Associate with Non-Profit Organizations

Most non-profit organizations are considered high quality resources by Google. Now, let’s assume that your website is into men’s health. If you manage to get a backlink from a non-profit organization that works towards awareness about men’s health issues, it can do a lot of good to your search ranking.

To find potential websites that can be of help to you in this endeavour first type the Google URL of the country you are targeting. For instance, if you are targeting Australian customers, go to Google Australia by typing www.google.com.au. Now key in “men’s health” site:.org and watch what Google fetches for you. To find charity opportunities, add keywords like “make donation” or “donate online”.

If you’ve been impressed by the above tactics, take a closer look at the Infographic that I’ve presented you here. I’ve designed it specifically for webmasters like you. Don’t forget to use the comment section with your thoughts and suggestions

Advanced Search Operators for SEO Link Building

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