Android vs. iOS: Which Should You Choose?

This question is just as contentious as the Windows vs. Mac debate, and we all have to take sides at some point. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of smartphones, here’s a basic guide to the differences between the two major contenders.

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Hardware Choices

Android comes on a variety of devices, meaning that you can choose one according to both your tastes and your budget. For example, some devices have bigger screens than others– do you want lots of room for YouTube videos, or something that will fit easily in your pocket? If you go with Android, there’s lots of choices.

iOS, on the other hand, is only on the iPhone. Not only is your hardware decision already made for you, but Apple products are notoriously expensive. However, this way iOS won’t have the obnoxious bloatware and cosmetic changes that Android manufacturers add onto the device.

Memory Expansion

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The various devices that run Android will allow you to expand their available memory, at the price of a micro SD card. With Apple products, if you want more than the default 16GB, you have to decide at the time of your purchase, and it’s going to be even more expensive.

Third Party Apps

Android’s Google Play allows anybody to add an app to the store, which sounds great if you’re into that open-source style, but in reality it ends up kind of terrible. There’s a lot of awful, unhelpful apps that exist just to support ads, instead of the other way around. Google tries to comb through it and eliminate anything that might be harmful, but there’s still a lot of apps with security red flags, not to mention those that are just plain irritating or poorly made.

iOS has a more limited app supply because it checks apps for quality and security before their release, but most of its users don’t mind. iTunes already has any app that’s worth having, so you certainly won’t be out of the loop if you choose iOS. In addition, most new apps are first developed for iOS, so if you crave being up-to-the-minute, Android might not do.


The choice between a closed, secure environment with Apple and an open-source playground with Android will define a lot of our talking points.

Apple products have always had the reputation for being secure, in part because of the emphasis they place on controlling every aspect of their users’ experience. Android, on the other hand, is a lot more permissive, and thereby creates more opportunities for security risks.

However, whether you choose iOS or Android, both are at risk for hackers. This is especially true if you connect to public Wi-Fi networks. You should seriously consider installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your device to protect your information.

App Permissions

To download an app through Google Play, you have to agree to any of the app permissions it asks for, which can be irritating and also pose a serious security risk. iOS, however, gives you the option of turning individual app permissions on and off.



Widgets are like apps that have been shrunk. They allow you to, for example, Google search right from your home screen, or have a glance at the latest news without opening an app. iOS doesn’t have these at all, so if this feature sounds indispensable (which, for some, it is) Android is going to be your best bet.

Siri vs Google Now

iOS’s Siri might be a selling point for some. It’s infamous for bringing a little bit of personality to iOS, and the feeling of having a virtual friend can be amusing enough to really brighten your day.

Google Now, while it’s similar, isn’t just a copycat. Its goal is to learn things about you through your email and searches, so it’s able to predict what you want, almost like a human butler might. Is this creepy or awesome? It’s up to you.

In terms of functionality, they are pretty much tied. Each one usually understands your voice commands, but not always. Which one is better? This one is just a matter of personal preference.


If you want to be Instagram famous, Apple is the brand for you. Apple’s camera hardware and software are both consistently better than anything that runs Android.

Low Battery Settings

Android gives you the option to switch off certain extraneous features when the battery is running low, while iOS will do it for you automatically.

While it seems like a small detail, it really sums up the different approaches that each developer takes. In Android, you have full control, even when it might inconvenience you. With Apple products, things are just done for you.



When a new Apple update comes out, iOS users get rightfully excited, since they can download and use it immediately. When there’s a new version of Android on the market, you will probably have to wait for your upgrade to try it. By then, there might be another version out!

If you like to have the most up-to-date software immediately, you might want to go with iOS.

So which one are you going to choose?

It turns out that just like with computers, Apple has the market cornered for people who don’t want a lot of fuss, or for those who plan on using their device for artistic purposes.

If, on the other hand, you’re a gadget geek, you might be frustrated by the iOS’s lack of customization and minimal choices. If you want a flexible phone that is perfectly tailored to you as an individual, in both aesthetics and functionality, go with Android.

Personally, I’m an Android devotee. Which one will you choose for your next purchase?

This guest post was contributed by Cassie on behalf of Secure Thoughts, one of the best possible online sources for information regarding internet security.

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  2. I chose Android over iOS, as i am normal user and who loves to customize things.

  3. i have iphone 5c i want to buy a new phone after i sell my 5c should I continue to use iphone 5c
    or i should buy any android phn

  4. i have iphone 5c i want to buy a new phone after i sell my 5c should I continue to use iphone 5c
    or i should buy any android phn

  5. IIs it still worth to buy iphone4S?

  6. Android is definitely much easier to customize, ultimately though it comes down to personal preference and what you’re using the device for.

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