Apple iPhone 6 Release Date, New Features & Prices

Are you searching for iPhone 6 releasing dateWell, you will be amazed to know that this great device is expected to blast off on  9. According to many media sources the promotion team of Apple Inc. is planning a big media event for announcing the first model and the date by which apple lovers can get this device. It’s also in the rumours that the new model will facilitate users with the 4.7” and 5.5 diagonal screens and 128 GB storage. However, if you want to know more about iPhone 6 then you should review the information shared below.

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Release date

The iPhone 6 is coming on 9th September.  Apple addicts are waiting for the arrival of iPhone 6 just like kids wait on Christmas Day surprises. According to reports it is also comes to know that this superb device first lunch will be held in San Francisco and Apple marketing team is engaged in surprising the market with the great launch of this device. 

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New specification & features

Display: There have been many confusing rumours about the iPhone 6 displays. It’s claimed that the handset will facilitate its users with two stylish models. Apple’s iPhone 6 enables its users to benefit by 4.7’ and 5.5’ wide screen with a resolution of 1704×920.


Body:  It’s also heard that this device will be manufactured from liquid metal that is lighter than aluminium. Liquid metal was also used in the manufacturing process of iPhone 5S. This metal allows Apple Inc. to develop slim and smart phones for their customers. Many experts claimed that the new model could measure 7.6mm thick.

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Camera: It’s also suggested that the 6th generation device will allow users to take heavy snaps with upgraded 10mp or 13mp camera.

Software: From the bundles of rumours it is also comes to know that iPhone 6 will facilitate its users with iOS 8. It is anticipated that iOS 8 will allow the users to run more application than ever. 


The price of the iPhone 6 is still not announced, but marketers predict that it is likely to remain same as iPhone 5S. If it happened then the prices would be $700 for 16GB, $800 for 32GB and $900 for 64GB approximately. Some market experts suggest that a new model might cost $100 extra due to the larger screen. It’s also in the rumour that the iPhone 6 will also launch a model with a 128GB storage capacity, so the price will be more than $1000.

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