How do I Attract New Commentator on My Blog?

How do I Attract New Commentator on My Blog?

When you write a blog post I am sure you expect commentators for the post. You must have seen popular bloggers have regular commentators for their blog posts. Do you think they hire such commentators? No, they maintain these valuable commentators. This is why they have regular faces as commentators. Do you want to know the secret behind this? Main reason of getting quality commentator is your decision to approve them. You must check and verify the commentators before giving them comment permissions. Here in this post, you will get all the answers and strategies to attract commentators on your blog like me.

If you are writing on different topic like tech and blog both, you must entertain bloggers with same niche of your blog post. For example if your blog post is about tech, permit the commentator who have tech niche only. You then have to give such readers enough content of relevant topic to read. If you have one or two blog post on tech and then you have blogging niche blog post, it may disappoint the readers to comment. So what I do is I interlink relevant blog posts. These interlinks help the reader to find out relevant content. Whenever you switch to another topic for your blog post content, you must comment on respective blog of that topic. When you write online money making strategies, comment on blog which guide readers to earn online.

Build Connections

Build Connections

 Another strategy to get the commentators on your blog is the connections. You have to build connections or can be called network with the bloggers having your niche knowledge. This is because; these bloggers know what you want to say. They can also guide you with comments telling whether the information is useful or need modifications. Such strong relationship with same niche blogger will not only increase your commentators but will also increase traffic on your blog.

How can you Build Such a Relationship?

  • You have to follow all their social media profiles like twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.
  • You have to share their blog posts
  • Comment regularly on their contents
  • You can put backlinks to their blog posts


Value Commentators

Value commentators

You must appreciate the commentators to give their valuable view on your content. How to value them? By paying? No! By giving them awards? No! Then how? You have to appreciate them with some freebies. You can also give them backlinks promise for a month. You can use CommentLuv plugin to get help for this. In this CommentLuv plugin you will find a widget named ‘’top commentators’’. This widget will sort out your top commentators to whom you can award the freebies.

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Open-Ended Questions

When you ask questions it prompts readers to answer the question. Research encountered more engagement of readers when open-ended questions are asked. This engagement is in terms of comments. Questions can enforce readers to express their views. By answering the questions they can share their thoughts on the concerned topic. There is a difference between close ended questions and open ended question which decides number of comments on the content. When a close ended question is asked, readers answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Such comments don’t create interest in other readers. While in open ended questions, the readers can comment their views in detail ‘why yes?’ or ‘why no?’

Add Top Keywords in the Post

You can get more commentators if you get more traffic. When you add keywords in your heading the people searching for, you will get more traffic on your blog. Use simple words to write an article which can be understood by everyone. You don’t have to show off your vocabulary in the content. To make readers comment on the content, it is necessary that they should understand what you want to say. Readers must get the information as early as possible. Top list articles can attract the traffic and hence new comments.

Name Dropping

Drop Name In comments

Name dropping is a technique of commenting name of famous experts in your content. You can mention and link top influencers in your content. This one is another best strategy for content marketing. You should mention famous bloggers name or names of people having great influence over social media. Dropping name of celebrities like Obama will not help you for the purpose. You should keep this in mind while dropping a name. This is because obama is not going to read your article. Celebrities don’t blog themselves. Name dropping can motivate readers to visit your content and to comment on it.

Insert Video in your Content

Insert viedio

This strategy may not suit for each blogger but it works well for the one who can insert video in their blog. As per research human can remember 70% of the things what they hear or what they see. Inserting a video in your content can also boost SEO for your post. If you add video in your content, search engine will give your post top position in the search result. Smart bloggers always combine graphics and media to attract the readers. You must add a short video in your post. Long videos are heavy for the page which can slow down the loading. It is also seen that short videos attract more audience.

Comment Everywhere

To get eye on you, you must be everywhere. According to Pat Flynn, “Be everywhere’’ is the rule for attracting readers on your blog. It is most simple and effective way of attracting commentators on your blog. Comment on the blogs where you can target your audience. To reach same target audience you must comment on the blogs having same niche as of yours.

You must always take care of your commentators so that they will come back in future. You should share their posts, comment on their content and do all possible activities to promote their blog. Focus on building such connections to get the new commentators. These strategies will surely help you to increase number of quality commentators for your blog posts.


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