10 Best blogging apps Every Blogger Should Have In phone

Blog is nothing but a social media which expresses your field of interest or which provides information on different aspects. Some write blogs out of their passion while some to earn money, whatever day-by-day blogs and bloggers are gradually increasing. Sometimes bloggers might face situations where they are not compatible in using their laptops or personal computers, for such folks here are top 10 blogging apps for android which helps them comment and desired posts on their blogs they own.

1.    Word-press:


It is most commonly used app in Computers. Not only in computers now it has also been introduced as app for android phones and can be installed from Google play. Word-press provides different customizable layouts and templates. It gives a good professional layout for free of cost.

2.    Blogger:

Blogger Everyone might be aware of Google’s blogger. It is the basic blogging site chosen by a beginner. Though it doesn’t provide many options as Word-press, it’s a quite good start-up for beginners. This application is provided by Google officially.

3.    Tumblr:


Many people prefer to use Tumblr for blogging. It is also known as micro-blog, because it contains mini blurbs like videos, quotes and pictures. This mainly attracts the people using it. This app provides blog posting, commenting, sharing and lot more.

4.    Google Drive:

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most used social weapons. It stores excel sheet, videos, pictures and any .doc files too. Once you sync Google Drive to your phone, then you can work on any uncompleted work. This requires only your Google account to login and data package to sync.

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5.    Writer:

Writer Android Apps

Though there are many apps to work on blogging, many of them distract while working on blogs. “Writer” is the best app which provides distraction-free environment and thus helps to precede the work without any distractions.

6.    Dictionary.com:

Blogging mainly requires the knowledge over each and every word coming through the net, when you are not aware of the word that you gone through then this help you out from this problem. Check for unknown words and have a happy blogging.

7.    Shift- key keyboard:

SwiftKey Keyboard

This is a words prediction application thus making blogging a bit easier for lazy buddies. This helps in nippy usage of the phone. It also suggests the words based on dictionary and even also on your past often used words.

8.    Photo Editor:

Photo Editor Pro

You can click a pic on your phone and edit it through a Photo editor, so that you can use that picture in blog now or in future. This editor provides several editing options to apply like crop, rotate and drawing to perform any description or symbolize the pic.

9.    Flipboard:


This a latest application launched in play store. It an application that racks several social networking at one place such as Facebook, twitter and even news too. So it is convenient to stay connected to your social networking and get updates at one place.

10.       BeyondPod:


BeyondPod is a Podocast manager that helps you hear the audio and videos instead of reading. There may come across the situation where you can’t read the desired content and you see for someone who can read out, in such situation this app is a best companion.

These are the 10 best android mobile applications that every blogger must have. All these are free of costs and some may require subscription for pro version and use that app full-fledged.

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