TOP 10 Best cloud storage services 2015

Cloud storages are the most important media in day-to-day life. Each and every field require some data base to be stored. Here plays the important role of cloud storage. There are many more cloud storages out there which becomes difficult to choose the cloud storage on your requirement.

Here are top 10 cloud storages 2K15.

1.)   Dropbox:


This is the only cloud storage that supports Linux, Blackberry, Windows, Android and IOS operating systems. It even has official Windows Phone app. This is convenient for storing of photo and videos since 2GB of memory are given for storage. You can increase your storage memory if you subscribe it for only $2.99.

2.)     Microsoft Drive:

Microsoft Drive

It also have apps for IOS, android and windows phone. It provides 30GB of free of storage memory. It also provides a chance to increase the free storage memory by inviting your friends to sign-in the Microsoft drive. It also provides extra 5GB if you link your Microsoft Drive account to your camera roll.

3.)    Google Drive:

Google Drive

Google Drive is powered by Google, if you have an account in Google like Google news, Hangouts, and then you have a account for Google Drive too. Google Drive offers you 15GB of free memory. You can also sync these to your desktop and download whenever and wherever you want. If you buy chrome book then you get 100GB storage memory.

4.)    Mega:


It’s speciality that takes it above from all other cloud storages is each and every thing you store is encrypted. Thus even Mega team can’t also find you data since it is encrypted. It is a New Zealand based company founded by a German-born entrepreneur Jim Dotcom. It offers 50GB of primary free

5.)    Copy:

It is similar to that of drop-box, Google drive. It has basic cloud storage of 15GB of memory and additional 5GB is rewarded after some referral systems. It’s for all big operating systems like IOS, Android and windows phone.

6.)    Tresorit:


This is same as Mega cloud storage. It is the most secured storage; hence the trail version has been discontinued. Users can subscribe to premium which costs 8 euros. On premium subscription we get 100GB of memory cloud storage.

7.)    Box:

Most often it is confused to Drop-box. Box is actually a business oriented server but also offers a storage memory of 10GB, but it’s not convenient for storage because it limits the memory of data of 250MB.

8.)    KnowHow:


It offers three types of packages: 200GB, 2TB and 4TB. But it has many elements like number of devices and the duration since packages are, all these seem a bit muddled. But the reliable offer is it provides 2TB of cloud storage just for 30 euros per year.

9. )   Mediafire:

Mediafire Storage

It is most alike Google drive and Microsoft One-drive. It provides 10GB of storage for free and can be extended to 50GB by following some simple steps. But like Box cloud storage, it also has a file limit of 200MB.


10.) Icloud:


In sort of mobile users, it is only for iPhone, if you don’t have one then you don’t own it. It can be accessed through your computers without any use of apple apps. Finally IOS 9 got icloud app.

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