10+2 Best In-Ear Headphones under $50 – The Updated List

Best In-Ear Headphones under $50 (The Updated List)

Best In-Ear Headphones under $50, Are you still searching for best earbuds under 50 dollars?

Well, let me help you out.

This is your little black book to follow if you are looking for best in-ear headphones under the price range of 50 dollars.

I am not an admirer of big brand audio gadgets. Therefore you would not see any options from JBL, Sony or Skullcandy, etc.

This guide is for those audio gadget enthusiastic who looking for the big bang of their every dime spending on best of best headphones.

So, let’s just stop wasting time and move further with our list of 15+2 best earbuds to amaze you.

Shall we?

  1. Tweedz Braided Earbuds

    To say the least, it is cool looking ear headphones. For its colored braided design, it gets quite popular within a short span of time.

    Tweedz Braided Earbuds - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Tweedz Braided Earbuds

    Though braided cable is not a new feature Tweedz Braided Earbuds added a style to it.

    The rubber and plastic cables tend to get tangled when you just drop them in a bag or pocket. And, when you pull them out it will easily take 2-3 minutes of your time to untangle them.

    Braided cable is nothing but a knitted nylon string, which forms a live wire together.

    Why Should You Buy?

    It has an excellent noise isolation and cancellation capability. Also, it offers equal sound quality. It is a good fit for style and beautiful sound quality.

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  2. Klipsch S3M

    The brand is known for providing better sound quality than its price. Its headphones deliver quality sound. As compared to Klipsch S3M other its models are priced above 50 dollars.

    klipsch s3m - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Klipsch S3M

    It comes in different colour options including, Red, White, Blue, Green, and Black. However, its plastic build is not as sophisticated as Klipsch other models.

    Maybe Klipsch tried to control the S3M price on its build, although good thing is they did not compromise on sound quality.

    Why Should You Buy?

    This earbud is almost weightless with its 5.8mm driver. When you put it inside your ears, you would not feel them at all. Moreover, it delivers better sound quality as compared to other cheaper earbuds.

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  3. Soundpeats Qy7

    When it comes to finding the nicest combo of wireless yet most inexpensive earbuds, then Soundpeats Qy7 would not disappoint you. Yes, it is available in the range of $50.

    soundpeats qy7 - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Soundpeats Qy7

    It comes with an instruction manual on how to use it and how to pair it with your smartphone.

    It is available in Purple, Black, yellow, and blue, white, red and green colors. (See here)

    Why Should You Buy?

    It comes with a flat cable (that makes it tangle free), 4.1 Bluetooth technology is available in it, and its battery lasts between 5-7 hours smoothly.

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  4. Zero Audio Carbo Tenore

    In the beginning, I was not entirely sure about keeping this brand in this list of under 50 dollars earbuds. However, when I explored more, it makes me glad that I kept it in here.

    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore

    The unique thing about this earbud is carbon fiber material partially creates it. Moreover, it comes with two different sets of ear tips in a drawstring pouch.

    • Carbon Fibre Material is primarily extremely lightweight and robust material.

    Why Should You Buy?

    The sound quality and lightweight are its USP in this price range. However, its rest of the build quality is not as impressive as other earbuds mentioned in the list.

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  5. Denon AH-C50MA

    Denon is a Japan-based audio manufacturing company. The brand is known for offering high-quality audio devices. Typically, they do not provide any of their product the price range of 50 dollars.

    Denon AH-C50MA - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Denon AH-C50MA

    However, Denon AH-C50MA is an exception to its product line. For better durability and longevity its wire is made of quality plastic and machine metal is used for the production of its earbud.

    To add the additional support, the headphones comes with a converter cable and three sets in different sizes of ear tips.

    Why Should You Buy?

    It has tangle-free design and offers greater durability. It also has an inline microphone with a single button. This is also responsible for audio play, pause, hang-up and talk functions. Moreover, it offers smooth sound due to its 9mm driver.

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  6. Symphonized XTC

    Have you seen the wooden build earbuds? Well, if not then Symphonized XTC is worth trying.

    Symphonized XTC - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Symphonized XTC

    If you are in search for a first headphone to fulfill daily listening requirements, then Symphonized XTC is a good buy. There is nothing fancy about them except the wooden earbuds. It comes with four sets of ear tips and a drawstring pouch.

    Why Should You Buy?

    Easy to use, cheaper in price and best for day to day listening needs.

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  7. Edifier P293

    Edifier is not only pioneered in-ear headphones but also worth the price in speakers.

    Edifier P293 - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Edifier P293

    Typically, the headphone is available in three colors only – White, Green and Black. check here

    These headphones on sound quality are quite commendable but focus more on treble and bass. Under the price range of $50, it delivers excellent sound quality and durable build.

    Why Should You Buy?

    Good soundstage and fantastic option in the price range. Furthermore, the brand is known for manufacturing quality sound devices.

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  8. Sennheiser CX 3.00

    Sennheiser is a German brand and is a pioneer in delivering fabulous audio a full list of. In the CX Series Sennheiser CX, 3.00 is the new entrant in the market.

    Sennheiser CX 3.00 - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Sennheiser CX 3.00

    It comes in a packaging of the simple plastic box. ( Check here ) Also, it provides three silicon ear tips. These headphones have angled ear tips that can easily be adjusted in the ear cavity.

    Why Should You Buy?

    The headphone offers excellent comfort to the ears, come with a cool design in dull black color. Moreover, it provides balanced and warm sound to ears.

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  9. Brainwavz BLU-100

    They are known for providing some of the best ears in headphones under the price of a range of 50 dollars. Every version they have released so far is better than its previous model.

    Brainwavz BLU 100 - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    Brainwavz BLU 100

    The sound quality is somewhat similar to the wireless headphones, and it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 with APTX technology. Design wise its earplugs are hammer style, which makes it different from others and look smarter. ( Check Here )

    Why Should You Buy?

    Super cool design and robust build, the sound quality is average but as a package, it is a great deal in its price.

    Buy at Amazon

  10. RHA S500

    When it comes to buying the rigid quality headphones, then RHA S500 is the choice of most people. It is one of the headphones in this list that comes with the “aluminum housing”. Being under the $50 the company decided to keep it in a sophisticated packaging which improves its perceived value to a greater extent.

    RHA S500 - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    RHA S500

    It is designed with braided cable, where plastic is used in upper part of the wire. Also, its 3.5mm jack is designed with rigid aluminum alloy.

    Why Should You Buy?

    Regarding sound quality, it is neutral, but the build quality is quite appreciable. Once again, in this price range, it is one of the best headphones as a package deal.

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  11. RHA MA350

    Once again the RHA is back, and this time its MA350 grabbed the second position in the list. As mentioned earlier above, RHA is always known for manufacturing good quality yet durable audio devices.

    RHA MA350 - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    RHA MA350

    The headphone is built out of aluminum. When you take them in your hand, it will feel like as it is a premium quality headphone. However, it is priced at just $40 or so.

    Its cable is nylon plated; the headphone jack is gold plated. The jack is not straight hut right angled just to prevent it from breaking easily.

    Why Should You Buy?

    On sound quality, it offers an impedance of only 16 Ohms, and larger frequency sound ranges from 18Hz to 22,000Hz. The fabulous build quality with higher durability factor.

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  12. MEE Audio M6 Pro

    This headphone is known for offering three times better features and quality than its price. With a propriety connection, the headphone allows you to detach the cable from its earplugs.

    MEE Audio M6 Pro - Best In-Ear Headphones under $50
    MEE Audio M6 Pro

    The packaging of the MEE Audio M6 Pro is quite commendable that offers triple, double and single flanged ear tips. It also comes with the 6.3mm adapter. There are two connector wires – one is without a mic and other is with a mic.

    Moreover, it is meant to wear behind the ear for the snug fit. Check here

    Why Should You Buy?

    Under the price of $50 it is an excellent buy in every regard whether it regards sound quality, design, durability, and functionality it offers as a complete package.

    Buy at Amazon

    The Closing Argument

    Well, now you have the complete list of 10+2 headphones ranging under $50. Some of them come with the excellent build quality and style but pretty ok on sound. Others are somewhat quite the opposite in it.

    Then there are some of the in-ear headphones, which are kind of exciting at both ends – design and sound quality.

    Do let me know if you like any of these headphones.

    Moreover, I will wait for your feedback on them.

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