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Best Email Marketing Software

Best Email Marketing Software, Online marketing these days means “monetization” and if you own a website or a blog there are only two ways to monetize them:

  • Grow your blog’s or website’s readership using an email list or a blog.
  • Depend on Google, which include AdSense, paid reviews, selling banner ads and other methods.

The second option is bit risky as you never know when Google will penalise your website costing you sales and traffic. On the contrary, if you build your readership or Email list, you have end number of ways to make money.

Let me put this way! The top marketers and bloggers earn more than 80% of the profit from their Email list.

According to the Capterra, every dollar spent on email marketing bring about in approximately $44.26 of revenue; now this is whooping ROI.

What Exactly is the Email List?

It is the most efficient money making the tool for webmasters. The more money it generates for you, more you will work on its value.

The email list is a goldmine, regardless the fact you developed the blog to increase your influence or for money making.

When you have the email list, it will not only support you to enhance your monetization but also assist you:

  • create a stable and reliable rapport with targeted audience
  • Bring the targeted traffic to your blog; sales page or product pages.
  • Instantaneously create awareness about the services or products you promote.

Now, the burning question is – how to develop and grow you email list?

You must be thinking about the RSS, right? Well, gone are those days when bloggers and marketers use the RSS feeds to grow their subscribers.

Today, you seriously cannot do anything with these feeds.

You must be innovative and proactive in such regard, hence, start using the best email software to expand your email list. It is one of the powerful methods to send promotional emails, newsletters and sales pitches to monetize your blog and website using the email list.

There are more than 200 email marketing software and choosing the six best among all is a severely painful task.

However, if you are seriously looking for best email marketing software, then I think this comprehensive research report can help you out to choose the right one.

Top 6 Email Marketing Software

  1. MailChimp

    MailChimp is a free email marketing software that also offers a premium edition. It is widely used and an incredible software that I came across. In this, you can easily create an email list of up to 2000 email subscribers.

    MailChimp - Best Email Marketing Software

    Benefits of MailChimp:

    • Mobile responsive emails
    • The free version of MailChimp enables you to send up to 12000 emails to your up to 2000 subscribers on a monthly basis.
    • It has the user-friendly interface. It can be effortlessly used even by any non-tech individual.
    • You can use their pre-designed templates or design your HTML email template.

    Disadvantages of MailChimp:

    • With a free account, you cannot automate your newsletters.
    • MailChimp emails can quickly add almost anyone to their list. Hence, its emails can be quickly marked as spam.
    • No promotional emails can be sent under free plan.
  2. Aweber

    Major players in the marketing world use the AWeber. However, it does not have a free plan, but it offers flexible pricing options, which you can find below.

    Aweber - Best Email Marketing Software

    Benefits of using AWeber:

    • As compared to other email marketing software, its emails look really fantastic.
    • Mobile responsive newsletter.
    • It offers RSS to e-newsletter functionality.

    Disadvantages of using AWeber:

    • It does not have a webinar option.
    • Bullet The pricing is a bit uncomfortable for most of the bloggers and marketers.
  3. iContact

    It started in the year 2003 and since then it has been offering the email marketing solution to all budgets. Cision, a global media intelligence company, is the presenter of iContact

    Their pricing plan starts from $14 per month, which enables a user to develop the list of up to 500 users.

    Benefits of using iContact:

    • They have a vast collection in beautifully designed email templates and are easy to use.
    • It has a fantastic feature of tracking and reporting which makes it one of the top choices in email marketing software.
    • It also allows secure social media accounts integration.

    Disadvantages of using iContact:

    • When compared to other email marketing software mentioned in the list, iContact does not have robust API integrations.
  4. ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign is the renowned name in offering the intelligence-driven marketing solutions and established in 2003. Also, they come with an affordable price tag, which is $9 per month (starting pricing plan).

    Active Campaign - Best Email Marketing Software

    Benefits of using ActiveCampaign:

    • The best part is it delivers you complete information about a user who is on your email list. You can easily find when a person has replied to your email, visited you pages or opened your email, etc
    • For different segments in your list, it lets you develop customized automated email campaigns.

    Disadvantages of ActiveCampaign:

    • With their interface, it is a bit hard to segment your email reports
    • Their “drag and drop” feature is noted as one of their biggest drawbacks
  5. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact - Best Email Marketing Software
    Constant Contact

    It is quite popular among small business owners who like to have everything at one place, feedback forms, event registration pages, doing surveys, etc.

    Here you get initially 60 days free trial with full access to all its features. Afterward, their pricing plans start with $20 per month.

    Benefits of using ConstantContact:

    • You can easily create professional looking emails with its drag and drop template design
    • In your emails, you can use their stock photos without incurring any extra cost.
    • ConstantContact lets you personalize your emails, which is its unique feature.
    • You can easily integrate the Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    Disadvantages of ConstantContact:

    • It does not provide the broad array of integrations and is little overpriced as compared to other email marketing software published in this list.
  6. GetResponse

    GetResponse -  Best Email Marketing Software
    • Create webinars,
    • Create your email list, and
    • Develop fabulous landing pages

Why should you try GetResponse?

Above mentioned 3 amazing features of GetResponse will be enough for any blogger and marketer

However, if you are looking for more features and benefits before deciding on your best email software then you should know that GetResponse can also offer you the following benefits:

  • Incredible autoresponder
  • Quick note
  • Split testing
  • Pricing (it has 30 days of the trial version, and afterward you will find their pricing plan quite affordable).

Benefits of using GetResponse:

  • Bullet Point 1Email open rate is higher as compared to other email software.
  • The split response feature is quite amazing that let you create five variations with your email.
  • It sends responsive email newsletters.
  • It has 500 beautifully designed email templates ranging from real estate to education to e-commerce.

Disadvantages of using GetResponse:

  • The user interface is average and has a lot of scope for improvement to make it compete with AWeber and MailChimp interfaces.

Which email software to use?

In my opinion, Get Response is the better deal to start with as it offers a complete package. However, if you have any concerns and questions then you can drop your queries in a comment box, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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