How to Boost Your Laptop Battery Life? (10 Tips Inside)

All of us had to deal with a battery drained laptop, but does it happen often? If it does, then you may have to replace it which can get costly. Although your laptop battery is meant to last only for a short period of time, there is a lot you can do to boost it. So here are 10 Tips for boosting the battery life of your laptop:

tips to increase laptop battery life

Don’t Charge Too Much

over charge leptop

Although this is denied by most of the laptop manufacturers, overcharging your laptop can harm its performance. There is no use of charging after it reaches the 100% mark, so whenever your laptop is fully charged make sure you unplug it.

Charge Before It Drains Out

Avoid charging your laptop after it reaches 1% or so, rather charge it whenever the notification appears.  Also, when you start charging make sure you don’t unplug it until it reaches 100% charge.

Your Laptop Needs Air

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Make sure you use laptop cooling pads, to keep your laptop’s temperature in check. Also, whenever you are using your laptop make sure it’s kept above the surface because if it isn’t the fan wouldn’t work properly. Keeping the temperature in check can significantly increase your laptop’s battery life.

Avoid Too Much Brightness

Adjust your laptop’s brightness to your preference. Keeping your laptop in Minimum Brightness Settings can boost its battery life. The brightness shouldn’t be too low or too high, if it’s too low you’d have to strain your eyes, and too much light can harm your eyes as well. So optimize your laptop’s brightness settings in order to save battery.

Avoid Too Much Gaming

Unless your laptop is a gaming rig you shouldn’t be playing games for a long period of time because this can significantly decrease your battery life. So make sure you don’t strain your computer with high end games.

Don’t Let Your Laptop Sit Idle For Long

Avoid keeping your laptop switched off for a long time. Your laptop’s battery can lose its performance if it’s kept idle. Just like yourself your laptop needs to be kept active in order to work efficiently. If you go away for a while, make sure you get a person to charge it every day for not less than 5 minutes, this will make sure your laptop’s battery doesn’t die.

Keep The Battery, Slot Clean

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Your battery and the slot need to be cleaned occasionally to ensure there is efficient power flow from the battery to the laptop. Wipe the battery with a dry piece of cloth, and use a gentle cleaner to clean the slot. Make sure you do this every 2 weeks or so.

Don’t Multitask

Multitasking will lead to a huge decrease in battery life. Work on one thing at a time rather than listening to music while playing FPS games etc.

Drain and Charge

This is a great tip to keep your battery in good shape. Once in a month, drain your laptop’s battery to 0% and then charge it back to 100%. This will increase your battery’s performance.


Many people prefer to keep their computer in standby mode to save battery but they have got to realise that hibernating their computer can save them more battery.

Hope these tips will be helpful to you with your Laptop battery issues, many of these are personally test and analysed so as much as I know it will surly be helpful for many users. So from now on if you want to your laptop battery live long then follow the above mention points and you will get positive results.

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