5 Free Android Apps to Create your Own Ringtones
As we all know our new generation Android Smartphones are very advanced in features and very customizable in everything. It offers you the freedom to customize and personalize your Android phone. In different ways you can make your device something like never been before. You can create and personalize it according to your needs, privacy… (0 comment)

5 Best Android Apps for music lovers 2015
Music narrates the journey of life while expressing flight, sorrows, misery, failures, achievement and happiness to each imagination and describes the world alone. It is the power within every person that speaks our hearts out releasing us from the tyranny of careful conscious ideas and throwing off the shackles. If you are born with music… (1 comment)

3 Impressive Ways to Remotely Spy Viber Chats!
If you’re anything like me, you’re probably always worrying about what your kids talk about on the phone too. Things were a lot easier when my child’s cellphone plan was under my control. But now my kids have free apps like Viber, so they can literally be on their phones all the time. But I’m… (2 comments)

Best DSLR Sensor Cleaning Kits
DSLR sensors are very sensitive to scratching and damage, so this means you will need to be extra careful with is cleaning whenever you have to. Most DSLRs nowadays have the option of cleaning the sensor by themselves when you switch the camera on or off with the use of high-frequency vibrations. This manages to shake off… (0 comment)

Top Indian Torrent Sites for Finding hindi movies torrents
There is hardly anyone from generation Y that can stay away from Torrents especially when it is kind of legit in India. There are innumerable torrent sites from where you can download Hindi movies and Tv series, music etc. You may have heard a lot about anti-piracy campaigns because torrent is not legit in many countries but anyways here I am going to provide… (3 comments)

How to take a Screenshot on a Mac OS X
Do you have a MacBook but you do not exactly how to take a screenshot with that. Do not worry as below mentioned are the commands following with which you will get to know that how much it is easy to take a screenshot with your device. The process of taking a screenshot for all versions of Mac OS is same.… (0 comment)

Top 8 Free Antivirus Software For your PC
1- AVG Anti-virus Free software:- It is one of the best and a free antivirus software. It is fully pledged which includes scanner, link scanner, arranged scanning options and automotive updates and many more. There is no need to pay to install this software. It can be downloaded for free. Its works for free on… (0 comment)

Traffic is the most significant idea for any blogger regardless the fact whoever your audience is and wherever you are or anything you blog about. The exponential increase of social media has made it potential for old and new bloggers alike to get their website recognized and rapidly circulated. As a blogger you understand the competition is high so it is important… (0 comment)

Truecaller will help you identify unknown caller’s details
When we have entered in the year of 2014 simultaneously we stepped into a new paradigm of technological advancement where truecaller like applications are designed and used by millions to identify the unknown phone numbers. Everyday an average number of unknown calls we receive is 3 and sometimes this number reached to the figure of 10 or 12. This is quite annoying for most of… (0 comment)