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pattern code

How to Remove Pattern Lock without Data Loss?

Furthermore of being offering various customization features and support to “Program ecosystem”, Android additionally holds out several security choices like data encryption, password lock, pattern lock etc. to fix sensitive or non-sensitive data saved on the device. Typically, users decide…
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clean computer

How to Keep PC Clean from Virus

Almost every computer user understands or at least has a rough idea of what computer virus is and something bad it does to their computers. Many of you have had their systems infected by a virus and sometimes it is…
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Recuva Undelete Unerase File and Disk Recovery

8 The Best Hard Drive Recovery Software

Many free file recovery programs exist which will facilitate recover or make back your suddenly deleted files and folders. The expertise file recovery programs will assist you “undelete” files on your laptop or system. Files you have got deleted then recently empty…
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Restore Corrupt Files

How to Restore Corrupt Files?

Sometimes we get really irritated and it usually happens when we try to open a file on our computer system and after hundreds of attempts, fail to do so. Usually these files are corrupted and most of the times, they…
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