Best pop up blocker for windows
Stopping Pop-up ads is an effective way to speed your surfing up and put in a plug in yet another method for viruses and spyware to invade the body. Fortunately there are several complimentary pop up blockers online that can allow you to do that. The Google Toolbar with Complimentary pop blocker will block most… (1 comment)

Free upgrade to windows 10 for Windows 7 and 8 users
Microsoft has made the Windows 10 Technical Preview readily available for all to work with in case you enjoy the thought of trying out another version of Windows before it is formally launched. It is a far simpler alternative than downloading the ISO image, but it is an upgrade path that practically encourages individuals to… (0 comment)

How to Boot Windows from USB?
USB to boot windows! Odds are you will need for those who own a tablet pc, or small notebook or netbook devices, few of such as optical drives as normal hardware to set up Windows 7 from a USB device. Nevertheless, only copying the files into a flash drive out of your Windows 7 DVD… (0 comment)

Use BitLocker to Go to Protect Data of an External Hard Drive, USB or Flash Drive
BitLocker is popular security and antimalware tool for Windows users that securely encrypts the entire hard drive and similar storage devices. It provides firmware level security to prevents boot sector viruses to damage your computer functioning. Initially, it is available for Windows 8.1 pro and Windows 8.1 enterprise edition. However, if you don’t see it… (0 comment)

Microsoft Security Essential AntiVirus – Best Microsoft’s Product
We all know that 90% users around the world are using Microsoft operating system on their computer system. Microsoft Security Essentials is the best protection for your Pc’s against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It is available free with many features like for individual and business corporation/firm. It charges no fees but the only things you required… (0 comment)

10 Best Alternative Software Similar to Teamviewer
Below mentioned are the best alternative software which are quite similar to Teamviewer and do have the same features. So, come lets read about them. 1- LogMeIn:- It gives you remote control of your computer with an internet connection.  It is completely free and this enable you do file transfers, sound and printing and so forth. 2- Remote desktop connection:-… (6 comments)