How to Connect Your Facebook Account to Skype Profile

Do you even know that it is possible to make connection between your Facebook and Skype Accounts. You can easily connect your Facebook profile to your Skype profile.

By this setting up a connection you can do many cool things, you can IM your Facebook friends, can call your Facebook friends, can read and view all news feeds/updates of your Facebook profile directly to your Skype homepage within VoIP service.

Do let us know what you think about making connection between Facebook and Skype accounts. Did you find this useful ?

1 Contacts:

In this very first step to connect your Facebook account with your Skype account, In Skype go to “Contact Menu -> Contact Lists -> Select Facebook” your All contacts option on left side turns to Facebook.

2 Connect to Facebook:

You will see this Facebook connectivity icon on the left side of your Skype window.  Click on a button “Connect to Facebook“.

3 Skype Homepage:

Now you have you all new Skype Homepage with all your latest updates from your Facebook profile. Now you can like,share and comment on any post directly from Skype homepage. And you can even change your homepage view from top of the homepage posts, you can see “Skype contacts“, “Facebook Friends” and All.

4 Liking and Commenting From Skype homepage:

Now you can like, share and comment using your Skype only no need to login to Facebook everytime.

5 Facebook Contact list Sorting:

You can simply revert your contact lists from Skype to Facebook list. As you can see on the left side their is Drop down list for different accounts. You can see All, Skype, Online and Facebook contacts from this option.

6 IM your Facebook friends:

You can instantly IM your Facebook friends and even make audio/video calls. To your friends your message will be shown as normal Facebook chat only.

7 Your Facebook chat availability:

You can also set your chat visibility for your Facebook account from Skype. So that when you don’t want to be seen available to anyone you can simple invisible from Skype too.

8 Update your Facebook Status from Skype:

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