7 Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster That Help Them Rank Their Website

7 Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

Having a website in the past was enough to achieve business growth through online marketing. However, the competition is getting tougher, and search engines are getting stricter. It’s become a battlefield and the tactics keep changing with the introduction of updates to Google and other popular search engines. Staying at the top can be difficult if you can’t keep up with the changes.

The Following Tips Show What Successful Webmasters do to Ensure High Website Ranking:

  1. The Marketing Basics Still Apply

Search engine optimization tactics may change but one thing remains the same, it’s all about marketing. When you keep marketing at the forefront of your mind, you’ll realize that the marketing basics still apply even with the changing SEO landscape.

marketing plan - Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

You Need to Identify:

  • Your expertise
  • Your competition
  • What makes you different
  • Why users ought to care
  • Your target audience
  • How you connect with them

Identifying this will help you come up with a plan for online marketing in terms of content topics and distribution.

  1. Design for Usability

It’s finally happened. Mobile devices have gained prevalence over desktop browsers. More people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Google’s prime objective is to provide an excellent user experience across all devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then your ranking will suffer as a result.

Design usability - Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

Ensure that you’re using responsive web design for your website to get more love from Google. If you prefer, you can choose to have a mobile version of your website that has its own unique URL.

  1. Be Seen Online

Building a digital footprint is about more than getting high search engine ranking. Traditional marketing, partnership and good-old fashioned PR still applies even in the online landscape. One of your main goal for SEO should be to be seen everywhere.

website online - Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

This approach means expanding beyond the use of traditional SEO tactics and applying traditional marketing opportunities such as partnership, PR, social media and sponsorships. This strategy involves amplifying the reach of your content online through social, PR and other outreach channels.

It’s not only about link building but also increasing mentions, citations, connections and associations with the right sources. Google analyzes your website’s link profile to determine its authority and trustworthiness.

  1. Keyword Research the Right Way

Using the right keywords is vital for successful SEO. Keyword research has evolved to focus more on the consumer than on search volume. You need to consider the consumer decision journey in search for keywords.

Keyword Research - Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

Search engines are now providing search results based on the:

  • The intent of the user i.e. what the user meant. This is based on the user’s browsing history
  • The context in which the search is made i.e. the device used, the geographical location, etc.

Google and other popular search engines are trying to provide users with the best possible answers. When searching for keywords therefore ensure that you think about how users will find you as opposed to specific keyword volume. Considering user queries in keyword research will help drive more valuable organic traffic.

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  1. Just the Right Content

This is a tricky one as there is no such thing as the ideal length when it comes to content. Writing lengthy content for the sake of it doesn’t work. Simply ensure that the content satisfies the user intent. It should be written to suit the context in which they’re making their query in order to drive organic traffic.

Content - Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

Content should provide value for the user. Consider using different forms of media including video, image and text.

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  1. Make use of Different Tags

In the past, title tags, Meta keyword tags, Meta description tags and H tags were the most important tags for SEO. However, the increasing number of websites and online resources has resulted in an increase in tags to improve crawling and indexing of websites.

Successful webmasters make use of a cocktail of tags including:

  • Standard tags: These include the traditional Meta description, header and title tags. These are still vital for SEO optimization.
  • Schema markup: These are designed to improve search engine crawling, indexing and presentation of results. Search engines are better able to identify the structure of data on websites.
  • Social tags: These are gaining more importance as social networks become even more important in SEO. Social tags to consider include Twitter Cards and Open Graph tags.
  1. Build your Social Footprint

Your social footprint matters a great deal. Google watches social signals carefully too. Likes, tweets, and pins are now on its radar. Consider the following components for building your social footprint.

Socia footprints - Consistent Routines of a Successful Webmaster

  • Claim any social profiles relevant to your website
  • Present yourself as an expert in a specific topic or within a chosen location
  • Post relevant and informative content that would be interesting to your target audience
  • Connect and interact with your target audience
  • Connect and amplify the interaction between different platforms.

There are many different ways to improve your search results ranking. However, these few important tips should get you started on your way to the top.

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