Core differences between the XBOX and the PlayStation

More than a decade old rivalry

The age old rivalry between the consoles is something that started in the late 90s and early 2000s. When Sony and Microsoft redefined the gaming dynamics and left others behind. Since that time, there are two only two gaming giants in the industry who play in the league of their own. Other gaming consoles have often tried to jump in, but miserably fail to catch up to the point where these two bazooka of companies and gaming giants now have reached. The console rivalry between the two is so great, that it is almost impossible that if one company does something, the other will fail to react. Initially the Sony Computer Entertainment was the one who stepped up the plate and took the stage to ensure that worldwide gaming kept on evolving and innovating with their PlayStation 1. However, just in time Microsoft played its Xbox card and got the response which took away the monopoly of Sony PlayStation that was once an undisputed fact.

XBOX & Playstation

Fast forward till today, both companies have fans that would rather prefer to go handicapped, but change the brand of gaming they play. A Microsoft gamer will not easily in any way switch to a PlayStation and the same is the case on the opposite side of the table. Today, both the gaming gurus have a fan base that crosses the mark of millions and have sold an uncountable number of units of every machine they have thrown into the market. The most recent development that happened was in the 2013 when Sony decided to launch its PlayStation 4 against the upcoming XBOX one. Today, we will not debate on the fact that which console was really the best one, but we will mention toe contrasting differences between the two units since their birth.

Hardware and Software

The first contrasting difference between the two gaming platforms is the hardware. However, the specifications and the performance might sound same to someone who is a layman, but the equipment and machine used within that box is vastly different. Sony prefers to use most of the Intel and GeForce equipment as well as its own mechanism to compile the powerhouse of entertainment. While Microsoft usually bags a lot of NVIDIA and PC kind of configurations to assemble its piece. Both consoles are so vastly different on the software. Sony operates on a Windows 8 like screen where the tabs for each section will appear to give the highlight of what you are doing on screen, while XBOX has a much more magnified and single display look.


When it comes to exclusive gaming, both giants have their own sets of game exclusive to their consoles only. Some Sony exclusive now might change to universal platforms, but more or less it remains the same.

Internet Connection

For Xbox in the modern day gaming, internet is something that is crucial and you also have to buy a paid subscription, to play a game even if you are playing alone. For Sony gaming users, there is a choice whether to use a limited time trial period of free internet or buy a paid one and this is only when they want to play the game online. It also offers an offline gaming feature.

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