5 Easy Ways to Create GIF Online

GIFs are simple yet very popular form of animation. Nowadays it is widely used to express emotions in a chat at any social forums. For creating one you just need a series of images or a short video and then you can make a GIF using online tools. There are several ways to create a GIF but here, most easy 5 are presented.


It is an online tool which offers to create a GIF for you; the site asks for the YouTube link and then turns the video into an interesting GIF. The user can choose different sizes, speed and text for their GIF. This site also proposes to post the created GIF on Imgur if it is smaller than 2MB and on Cloudpix if it’s a larger one. The creator can also download the GIF if he wishes to use it for any other purpose. GIFFF.FR does not even leave a watermark on the created GIF.


face to Face gif
Face To Gif is a bare-bones way to really personalize the emotion you’re trying to indefinitely loop. Each generated GIF has a random, unguessable URL so it’s up to you how far and wide your animation will spread.

Activating your webcam prompts a countdown before recording whatever it can see. From there, everything runs client-side. So no one will see any data unless you save it and share it. Being client-side also means that the web app will only run as fast as your computer. On a Retina Macbook Pro, I didn’t have any hiccups, but there’s a good chance older machines will experience slowness.


As the GIF is a way to deliver the emotion or a feeling GIFyourself is a good way to personalize the feeling you are trying to express.

Adding your face to a popular GIF can make many people laugh but the problem with this way is that the results are not perfect. Adding a layer onto a video is very difficult to maintain the illusion which lowers the quality as expected, but still it gets the job done and is easy and quick way to respond to a text message. You can also use the existing photos from the camera roll and you can also take new photos, which makes it possible to use the faces of other people as a GIF.


gif brewery
Another way to create a GIF is through a popular Apple app, Gif Brewery. GIF Brewery tries to take out the spadework for the users that have personal videos on their computers and want to convert these videos into short funny clips known as GIF.

This app provides the Mac user more customization options than many of the online and mobile apps, like amount of frames and adding delays. It also gives user the power by supporting the playing of clips in reverse, text overlays, and color effects. This app is also updated regularly giving more and more options and accessibilities.


Gif Remixer is an IOS app which lets you create GIF easily and in addition lets you add sound to your GIF for some extra fun. This app contains its own sound bank with thousands of sounds or you can record your own sound. The challenge you face in adding the sound is to find the perfect suitable sound for the clip and then adjusting it according to the clip but then recording your own voice is an option.

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