How To Create a Photography Website With WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular free CSM out there. Indeed, content management with WordPress is a piece of cake, even for dummies. Setting up a WP site won’t take long even if you do not have necessary experience and skills. Below is a guide on how to create a photography site with WordPress, inexpensive hosting and a few must-have WP plugins.

  1. Purchase a hosting package and domain name.

  2. Download WordPress and install it on your computer. By visiting the WordPress home page you will find an orange download tab which you need to click on and the software will be downloaded to your computer.

  3. Unzip software and upload to your website.

  4. Create a database. All information about a website is stored in the database. Creating a database is easy. By following simple host’s instructions you will quickly get your database name, username and password. This information is essential for further installation.

  5. Install WordPress to your website. The installation guide with detailed instructions and tips can be found at the WordPress website.

  6. Install new themes. After installing WordPress and ensuring it is running smoothly, you will want to change a basic theme. In doing this, you will give your website a personal touch and distinguish it from other similar sites. Some themes are available for free while others may cost you up to $100.

  7. Modify theme as per your requirements. The chosen theme can be modified as per your requirements, however to do this it is necessary having basic HTML and CSSK skills.

When your site is set up you need to customize it to meet requirements of a modern photographer. Remember that your website will hosting 100s of images, or even thousands of them. Therefore, custom image management tools inbuilt in WP will not help much. You will need something more than that – a great WordPress gallery plugin just like FlippingBook. Why? Here are my reasons:

  • FlippingBook is a popular gallery plugin for WP that creates and easy to use image gallery that looks like a book. Moreover, this book has a behavior identical to a real book, i.e. you can flip pages. This works great for users who need lots of images on their sites, for instance photographers. The plugin offers a mutual benefit: it is easy for users to browse pics and it is easy for a site owner to upload and manage images.

  • FlippingBook can be embedded into a page or open as a popup window. The choice is yours. Opening an image gallery in a popup window has its advantages. Also, the size of a flipping book can be easily customized as per width of your site and content layout.

  • Although FlippingBook is a paid plugin, you can view its live demo and read through docs and FAQs that cover most common problems and describe common use cases. The plugin is compatible with most recent WP versions and can be installed just as ordinary WordPress plugin.

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