How to Detect iPhone Spy Software

Using monitoring apps on mobile devices is becoming more and more popular with all sorts of groups of people. From concerned parents, employers that want to boost employee productivity to victims of adultery, it seems everybody has a valid reason to monitor other people’s phones. From call recording, reading text messages, GPS locating and monitoring internet activity, the person that uses a spy app can fund out every little detail about you. While majority still thinks this is a case of serious privacy invading, the number of people that feel they have legitimate reasons to use these apps is growing every day. The fact that these apps, once installed are almost undetectable could mean that someone is monitoring your phone right now.

Since iPhones are one of the most popular mobile devices in the world they are on the top of the list of devices that are monitored the most. This is not surprising since iPhones are used by all age groups, from teenagers to elderly people. They’ve become such an important part of our everyday lives that we use them almost like personal assistants with all sort of personal and business information stored on them. If you feel like someone might be using a monitoring app like mSpy ( on your phone there are a few ways you can detect it and stop someone from finding out your personal or business information.

Signs of a spying app

First of all you should keep in mind that there’s no guarantee you will be able to find a spying software if it’s installed on your phone, since most of the quality apps are developed so they work in the background and remain hidden from the user. Instead of looking for a monitoring app you should try to find signs of a jailbreak, and if you are certain you didn’t perform one yourself than you can be sure that someone messed with your iPhone. If the phone is jailbreaked that doesn’t necessary mean that you’re being spied upon, but the best way to be sure is to revert your iPhone to original firmware.


One of the best signs of a jailbreak on your iPhone is an app called Cydia. You should look for it, and even if it’s hidden from the home screen you can use search to find it. First thing you have to do to search for it is go to Settings, then General, then Spotlight and tick Applications. Then go to your home screen swipe left to right and enter Cydia in the search bar. Other apps that might suggest a jailbreak are Icy, Installer, Installous…If you can find them then install them from App store and try to run them. If they refuse to run your iPhone is probably jailbreaked.

Another good way to find out if your phone is being monitored is to look for an unusual battery drain, since spying apps even when they are hidden use up your battery. This is not proof enough by itself, since other apps might start to use more battery, but it could be a sign you should investigate more.

Since spying app mSpy can be used to record your phone calls, you might hear some strange background noise during your calls, which could indicate you’re being monitored. Again this doesn’t mean you should become paranoid whenever you hear something during calls, but you might want to look for some other signs if this occurs regularly.

Higher data usage could also be a good indicator of a monitoring app on your phone, since spy software sends regular logs to a web account. This is visible especially if the app is uploading large files like videos or photos.

Keep in mind that none of these signs is a certain proof you are being spied upon, but if all of them are present then you should be concerned and do whatever it takes to remove the software.

How to Remove the software

Since jailbreaking is something developers have to work on for every firmware version there is a big chance that the latest iOS version available is not jailbreak compatible. Keep your phone up to date and perform all necessary updates when your phone notifies you and you should be untouchable by spy apps. In most forums about iPhone jailbreak you will find all necessary information on how to revert to original firmware which should do the trick.

If you are positive that someone is spying your phone all you have to do is to plug it in your computer, open iTunes and choose Restore to go back to original software which will make the spy app useless. If you do this, keep in mind that there might be some jailbreak evidence on your phone which means that the next time you need some help from Apple you will be denied. This is why you should back up everything you need separately and transfer your purchases within iTunes.

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