EaseUS Hard Drive Recovery Wizard

One of the most shocking results of having your data and information stored digitally is having a corrupted hard drive and resultant loss of data. The threat of all your files and data getting lost is common for all the computer users. But, with advancement in IT, lost data can be regained through hard drive recovery.

EaseUS – an ultimate hard drive recovery software


EaseUS is a software company that provides users a free hard drive recovery software for both windows and Mac. It can recover deleted files, formatted or lost data from any kind of PC, laptop device hard drive. All that users have to do is download the hard drive recovery software wizard and launch it. After launching, the wizard will scan the device and will recover deleted files and lost data from a corrupted hard drive.

This hard drive recovery tool offers Multiple file recovery Options

It comes with a variety of options allowing the users to recover deleted files and retrieve the data from hard drive, memory card, USB, digital phones and cameras. This powerful file recovery software helps to secure the data from losses such as sudden deletion as a result of a virus attack in the device, when the hard drive gets corrupted due to damage, system crash, loss of volume data etc.

How to ensure hard drive recovery with this amazing tool?

It is a very simple software that does not require any user to have any prior experience of using a file recovery software.

Just download it from the official website, choose the desired version and launch it in your device. It allows the users to select the data that needs to be recovered by previewing and scanning. The hard drive recovery software has two options to recover deleted files;

  • The “Quick Scan” gives a quick scan of the device and captures the recently lost
  • The “Deep Scan” thoroughly searches the device and recovers all the lost data and media files. It usually requires a longer time than the quick scan.

Another user-friendly feature that this wizard offers is the time saving as people can run the software at any time of their convenience. You can resume the recovery procedure by exporting the scanning results without scanning the device again when you resume.

Very User-Friendly hard drive recovery userInterface

This hard drive recovery tool has a very easy and interesting interface that helps the users to easily start using it with a fewer clicks. It is supports multiple languages options catering for people from different regions looking to recover deleted files. The free version of the EaseUs data recovery wizard can restore 500MB data. An additional data of 1.5MB can be restored by sharing the wizard on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The new Updated hard drive recovery software Free Version

The updated free wizard version can recover up to 2GB of data with improved data recovery features. The version has been upregulated to retrieve file types like documents, media, emails as well as compressed files. The license and free life time upgrades however, are not available for the free version and users need to buy the Pro and Pro+WinPE versions to avail these exclusive features.

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