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With the recent technological advancements around the world, we can now use technology in any possible form. Similarly, Social media has changed the face of marketing in the small business stream. One of the most popular social media is our favorite ‘YouTube’. To entitle it popular, we have gathered certain facts that actually make it one of our favorite social media. They say that YouTube broadcasts more videos in 24 days than ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX have broadcasted in the past 24 months, and the best part, that it is still growing. Following is shared with you the strategies that can help you expanding your small scale business through YouTube.


Setting up an Account

The very first step is to upload your video on YouTube, for which you will have to create an account on YouTube or you can use your Gmail account details to login, which will act as a home base for all the videos you post related to your business that will help in its expansion. However it is very important that your account should look very professional as it will be a first impression to your business. It shouldcorrespond to the actual nature of your business profile. YouTube gives you complete freedom to customize your account as you wish.

Uploading Videos

Thus, once you are happy with the lay out you can start uploading videos.

It should be taken care that the videos you upload on YouTube, depict the positive aspects of your business that can help the expansion of your business. YouTube supports all the major common video formats, that most cameras record by default. Your video should not be very long to keep the interest of the viewer intact. It should be of high quality that can impress the viewer and attracts him towards your business.

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It is very important to tag or label your uploaded video as it will help the viewer to target your video easily. A tag can be defined as every possible keyword that is entered by a viewer and will direct him/her to your very particular video. It plays a very important role in making your video popular amongst the others. It should be tagged effectively otherwise it may portray a negative impression of your business. You can add as many tags as you want but they should be corresponding or should be relevant to your video in one way or the other.

Moderation of the Responses

Once you are done with setting up an account and uploading the videos with their relevant tags, in some time your account will start getting traffic and people might also comment beneath your uploaded videos. As you being the sole operator of your account you have the option of moderating the responses you get. YouTube is a community driven website where people either comment in favor of your video or against it, they may like it or dislike it. However, to portray a positive picture you are free to moderate their responses accordingly, so that it may help in the expanding your business.


YouTube provides you with advance tracking tools to assist you with monitoring the success of your YouTube campaigns. It gives you a complete picture of the receiving traffic on your account. It gives you their demographic details, other geographical location information and even the source of traffic either it is organic or non organic.

By tracking the details of your traffic you are able to get an idea of what kind of audience is your target. You can either alter the nature of your video to alter the nature of your audience or work in the direction to capture more audience. However the only drawback of these tracking tools is that it tracks only the logged in viewers and does not give any detail of the viewers who are not logged in with the YouTube.

The benefits of making your business popular online is that you get to know where you are lacking behind and can work in the direction of removing those negative points. Similarly, you also get to know  the positive aspects that are liked so that you can work accordingly to increase those positive points all the more. Thus in these simple steps we can take our small business to the heights unimagined.

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