Need not to say what Facebook is right?? Almost everyone knows what Facebook is but most of them don’t know its secrets and some of the unpopular features in it. Here are some of the secrets you have never known about it.

Facebook Secrets

1. Facebook tracking:

Most of them are not aware that Facebook tracks your each and every activity while you are on Facebook. When you are on Facebook and open some other stuff in a new tab or new window, then this information is sent to Facebook from some other third-party. There are billions of users over the world, which means each and every one’s activity is being tracked by Facebook in daily life. In order to prevent Facebook tracking our activities, there is an extension ‘Facebook disconnect’, which helps in preventing the airing of information from some third-party to the Facebook.

2. Save the stuff:

There are several posts posted by someone or other on Facebook. In order to save your favourite post, Facebook has recently provided an option for saving it where many of them are not aware of this facility. When you have gone through any of the posts and you want to have it as a remainder in the separate folder then, go to the post’s ‘options’ and there you will find ‘save the post’ or ‘save video’. Then the post gets saved in a separate folder ‘Saved’ in Facebook.

3. Facebook without internet:

Facebook Without Internet

What Facebook without internet, really?? Yes it is. Facebook can be surfed without internet. It can be achieved through affiliation of Facebook and Fonetwish. First get registered with your mobile number and login to your Facebook account in Fonetwish from this link http://www.fonetwish.com/fonetwish_web/index.html . There you go!! You get a USSD code after getting registered. Next dial “*325# USSD code” in your mobile and it will ask for Facebook login, after completing this process you will be asked for Notification, News feed, Update status, wall post, manage friends, Chat and Birthday remainders. Updating status costs you nil, but when you utilize any other mentioned services then it cost Rs 1/day approximately.

4. Auto-reply:

There are many situations raised to many of them where you are busy in something, but you want to reply all the fellas who messaged you on Facebook. “Auto relaxed” is the solution for it. First go to “autorelaxed.com” and sign-up with your twitter or Facebook or both of them and link. Then select an auto reply or customize your own message as an auto reply. That’s it your problem got an excellent solution.

5. Find who unfriend you:

Doesn’t it sound crazy, yes there’s an app which helps to find out who unfriend you. If you want to find out who unfriend you, you need to look “Unfriend Finder” for sure. It’s a Facebook app and can be accessed from Facebook itself. Search on Facebook for “Unfriend finder” and you will come across the page. Like it and follow the process mentioned in that page and find out the person who unfriend you.

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  1. Hey Kabu,
    That’s a whole lot of cool stuff i didn’t know we can do over facebook. Specially that auto reply and also now i am going to check who unfriended me and kick them in their butt..;) ..
    Anyways great post of content.

  2. this is amazing post all post of facebooks good tutorials i have these setting apply on my account.

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