How to Find Name of the Song by Singing or With Recorded Sound

Have you ever lost a song forever because you didn’t know the title? It happens to a lot many people. You might be listening to the radio and you come across a very beautiful song, but you don’t happen to know the title of the song. Today many softwares and applications have made it easy to identify a song just by singing a few lines or just by recording a part of the song. Today, we’re going to look at some of the best softwares and applications which can identify a song.



Shazam is a great application which when kept near the source of the song can identify the not only the title of the song but will also show the lyrics. The downside of Shazam seems to be that it isn’t available for desktops but Shazam is compatible with all iOS, Android, BlackBerry running devices.



SoundHound, a nice software which enables you to find the title of the song just by singing few of the lines or just by humming the tune of the song. All you need to have to use SoundHound are an internet connection, a computer and a microphone. The highlight of this software seems to its functioning speed, it’s just remarkable.



This application created by Sony for Android running devices has the capability to identify the song when it’s kept near the sound source such as a radio or a TV. When the app identifies the song, it will display the title of the song, artist name and more within a short period of time.

Music ID2:

Music ID2

This mobile application although similar to Shazam has some more features. Just hold up your mobile against the music source and it will immediately tell you what it is. You can also type in the artist’s name, the lyrics etc and it will bring up the song from its database which contains more than 28 million songs.



This software works similar to Midomi SoundHound, and you just need a working internet connection, a computer and a microphone or an audio cable. Download the software and play the song close to the microphone and it will instantly tell get you the song details. Another feature which makes this software stand out is when you don’t have a microphone you can use an audio cable to plug in your music source directly to the computer.

It is requested that you use these softwares and apps away from other sound disturbances.

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