How to Find out the Number of RSS Feeds Subscribers of Any Website/Blog

Many newly setup blogs/websites hide their RSS Feeds as they don’t want to expose the exact Subscribers of their blog as they don’t have much at the beginning. RSS Feeds is one of the most important feature that used to judge the value of  your blog. As some anonymous users or clients are looking to place a banner on your blog. For them the very first things is to check on your blog that tells the value or popularity of your blog is Alexa Rank, Page Rank and RSS Feed Subscribers on your blog. Or sometimes even you want to spy on some other blogs who don’t disclose their Subscribers numbers. At that time you can determine the exact number of subscribers by many different ways. So I am here sharing some common ways to determine the Subscribers of any blog:

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1 The Feed burner Method:

This method can be applicable only if the blog is syndicating its RSS Feeds via FeedBurner and its Stats are set to public, then its clear path for you to check into its Subscribers numbers.

You just have to replace the “ABC” in the URL with the Feed name of that blog, just press enter you and will get the image showing the number of RSS subscriber of that blog.

Sometimes many blog/sites are using different feeds rather then FeedBurner. in that case you can check it using different methods.

2 The RSS Subscribers Count via A Desktop Software:

One of an Indian developer named Ram Kumar developed a great software for the checking of exact RSS Subscribers of any blog. The only thing needed is the name of blog’s feed.

Feedburner software

It includes many features like Circulation, Hits and Reach. It also has option for Export to CSV file. The download link for this software is (Download Software).

There used to be one another way to find out RSS Subscribers count named Google Reader. But unfortunately its been has been discontinued by Google. There are many other softwares available in market these days but I don’t find anyone more flexible. If any of you find any other software interesting and working correctly do share it via comments.

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