Four Ways to Improve your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing is a reality that took many businesses by surprise. It took just a few years for social media networks to change from an online novelty to a must-have for businesses of all sizes. Many marketing teams struggled to learn how best to use these new networks for advertising and promotion. Fine-tuning your use of these media networks takes a lot of practice and these tips will help get you started on making the improvements that will transform your business’s social media account into a marketing force.


1. Make social media efforts a full-time priority

Many marketing teams labor under the unacknowledged assumption that social media marketing is easy. While it is true that using social media sites is fairly simple and straightforward, managing a business account for purposes of advertising and promotion is not. It requires the dedicated attention of one or more people to run the account. This includes:

  • Managing customer interaction by replying to questions and concerns
  • Paying for in-network promotion
  • Posting current updates and preparing future updates
  • Monitoring trends of account interaction and popularity
  • Developing content for future use
  • Evaluating successes of content shared in the past
  • Staying informed of changes occurring in the greater world of social media
  • Investigating new social media sites and evaluating them for potential promotional use
  • Posting about area events where your company will be present

This work requires an in-depth familiarity with each social media network used by the business and with broader social media trends in general. Unfortunately the task of managing a single social media account is often given to several people who may not be working closely together. A streamlined approach is essential and it may be necessary to allocate funds to hire someone whose job it is to manage all the social media concerns.

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2. Provide the resources needed by your social marketing team

The person or people who are tasked with overseeing social media marketing operations need to have adequate resources. Once again the assumption that social media marketing is easy can end up putting a business at a disadvantage. Invest in training and education for the people who make up your social media marketing team. Connect them with photographers, writers, and designers who are experienced with crafting content appropriate for business-related social media accounts. Your business’s social media account will look much more professional as a result of adequately supporting your social marketing team.

3. Keep your social marketing team informed of all developments within the company

Though it doesn’t often happen, there have been a few occasions when an update – or even a series of updates – made by a business’s social marketing team are contradictory or inaccurate with regards to other statements made by the business. For instance, make sure that any statements regarding pre-order deadlines, shipping times, and other time-sensitive information reflects the company’s current policies and schedule. If a pre-order deadline has been extended by a week, make sure that the social marketing team is aware of this. Sharing all relevant information with the social marketing team will prevent potentially embarrassing statements.

4. Make sure that social marketing efforts are consistent

Consistent social media marketing efforts can be achieved by having at least one person whose job it is to pay attention to the business’s social media account, its updates, and its ongoing interaction with customers. However, even with someone giving regular attention to the account the consistency can slip. Typically this happens because a member of the social marketing team takes a different position or the task is given to someone else for a period of time. A good way to prevent any slips in consistency is to create a schedule. This schedule can include the sharing of new content on one day, responding to customers on another day, and of posting news and reminding on a third.

Creating a world-class social media marketing account starts with your social media marketing team. Make sure that they are supported and trained to do their job. Allocate the resources necessary to support this team and give them all relevant updates to prevent dispersing inaccurate information. And finally, make sure that the marketing efforts are of a consistent frequency and level of quality.

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