Top 10 Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website

Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website

Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website, Now a days WordPress is one of the superb platform to start your business and further if you are into online earning, affiliate marketing is one of the best options you can use. With this excellent concept of affiliate marketing, you can easily earn good amount of cash and enjoy your life to the fullest. Many people are already doing full time affiliate marketing as their full time job to earn income. Further, it is also true that affiliate marketing has gained so much popularity in online marketing that now every third person wants to enter in this field and various people has started promoting their products according to their niche.

Basically, affiliate marketing is the simple process of selling products of someone to your blog audience and for this you will get a commission whenever you make a successful sale. But, it also consistsof various complex factors such as SEO and link building strategies.Even many business owners and individuals get SEO assistance from digital agencies to increase their affiliate earnings through quality SEO services. Therefore, it is considered one of the amazing to earn good amount of money and that too just by promoting products and services on your website. Further, there is no restriction of products and services for selling and you can easily choose the products and services of your niche. Now if you are running a technology website then there are many products you can easily choose from various online shopping sites and when it comes to making money, people prefer to go with Google Adsense but you can earn more with affiliate marketing.

What Does Link Cloaking Mean?

Now, cloaking is the term used when we hide any one link behind the other one. Therefore, if you are choosing affiliate marketing, then WordPress offers you some superb link cloaking plugins which will further help you to cloak your affiliate links without any hassle. Many of you must have already started promoting some affiliate products, but not yet started to use any link cloaking plugin and keep in mind this can also decrease your earning.

Basically, when you sign up for an affiliate program, then you will get a link which you have to promote to your readers visiting your website and therefore, when visits Bluehost using that link and makes any purchase you will get some income from that merchant.

Now, always keep in mind that cloaking an affiliate link is one of the essential parts of affiliate marketing and if you are promoting only some products on your blog, then you can easily use some free link cloaking plugin for cloaking your links. But on the other hand, if you are into affiliate marketing and further promote only affiliate products then you should choose premium link cloaking plugins as they have more features as compared to the free one.


List of Top 10 WordPress Link Cloaking Plugins:

  1. Thirsty Affiliates

    Thirsty affiliates - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    Thirsty affiliates

    One of the most commonly used link cloaking plugin is Thirsty affiliates. It is used by thousands of affiliate marketers to cloak their links. Further, it automatically adds the word recommends before your every affiliate link to make it easy for your readers to understand that you are actually interested in recommending that product to them.

    Further, it also lets you monitor all your affiliate links and will help you in posting them into your posts. This plugin is very easily customizable, has hierarchical link categorization and handy affiliate link picker tools and many features which makes it one of the best.

  2. Pretty Link Lite

    Pretty Link Lite - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    Pretty Link Lite

    This is the other superb cloaking plugin as it is free to use. Further, this basic plugin also offers you an excellent way to shorten your URL and make them look more beautiful and with this feature, you can easily use the shortened link with the domain names as it will help your readers.

    You can also do tracking of links with this excellent plugin and if you want more features, you can also go with its Pro version. It has numerous exciting features and even helps in the automation of tasks and helps you see the future prospects of your business.

  3. WP Wizard Cloak

    WP Wizard Cloak - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    WP Wizard Cloak

    Another one of the best plugin is WP wizard cloak. This plugin will help you in automatically turning your keywords into affiliate links. Yes, believe it. This plugin can do this. You just have to tell the plugin about the keywords which you want to convert into links.

    Further, you can also get the clicks reports very easily on any of your affiliate links which you have cloaked with the help of this dynamic plugin and you can also promote products of different countries on your website and that too with so much ease.

  4. URL Shortener Pro

    URL Shortener Pro - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    URL Shortener Pro

    This is the other most commonly used plugin for link cloaking. It will allow you to create some beautiful short URLs and hide affiliate links. With this, you can also easily share long links on various social media by shortening them through this plugin and it will also help you to remember the short links quickly. Further, it is totally compatible with all themes of WordPress and all type internet browsers.

    On the other hand, it also has a feature which uses javascript with your redirects to add all kinds of extra functionality. Therefore, you can say that it is a full fledge package with all superb features like it is easily customizable, can hide affiliate links, organize short links in categories, can redirect with java and 301/302 headers and last but not the least is that it can easily open links in new window.

  5. WP Cloaker

    WP Cloaker - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    WP Cloaker

    Another simple yet flexible link cloaking plugin is WP Cloaker. This is one of the incredible plugin from the directory of WP plugins. Further, it simply helps you to create some custom redirection types and will also help you in keeping track of clicks you are getting from each link.

    On the other hand, it will also give you information about the visitor who is clicking on your links. It can also categorize your links and can very easily turn any ugly big link into a short link.

  6. WP Shorties

    WP Shorties - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    WP Shorties

    This superb WordPress link cloaking plugin is a professional URL shortener for various tasks like click tracking and affiliate link cloaking. Basically, this plugin can make tiny URLs in almost no time and it is also true that short links are better and easy to convert. Therefore, it can make your cloaking easier than ever.

    Further, it will also translate directory into higher click through rates and enhanced spilt testing of various affiliate offers at the same time.

  7. Hidden Affiliate Links

    Hidden affiliate Links - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    Hidden affiliate Links

    Another interesting plugin is hidden affiliate links. It is a simple plugin which totally aims at making your affiliate links go away in the clouds. Yes, that means it can hide it so well. This plugin was tested on the old version of WordPress but still you will not face any problem while running it on the latest version of WordPress. Further, this plugin can also be used automatically to replace keyword with links.

  8. Simple URLs

    Simple URLs - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    Simple URLs

    Another most innovative link cloaking plugin of WordPress is Simple URLs. With this, you can easily cloak your links and can manage them all with ease. It has a superb feature which will add a custom post type in the admin area of your site where you simply add new links. Most important part of this plugin is that it is very easy to use.

  9. Eclipse Advanced

    Eclipse Advanced - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    Eclipse Advanced

    Another superb and the most commonly used plugin cloaking plugin is Eclipse advanced as it will automatically cloak all your affiliate links anywhere on your site. With this plugin, you can very quickly increase your clicks and conversions to boost your earnings automatically and by using the keyword based auto-linking feature.

    Further, it also uses Google analytics to track your clicks and conversion of your cloaked links and simply helps you to manage your cloaked links in the user friendly link manager. With this, you can also quickly decide where your links should be cloaked which includes posts, pages and all other elements of your website. So, you can also say that this plugin is fully packed with all advances features.

  10. ClickMeter Link Shortener

    ClickMeter Link Shortener - Free Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress Website
    ClickMeter Link Shortener

    Last but not the least is a click meter link shortener and it is one of the most incredible plugins to cloak your affiliate links. It will make your links short by giving you real time analytics. Further, you can also track everything about your website visitors. Another important feature of this plugin is that it has advanced redirect options which includes redirect by nation, by language and by unique visitors. Further, it can create short links easily using your domain name and you can also track important details about your traffic, sources, keywords and various other parameters.

    So, the above explained are some of the best and top 10 WordPress link cloaking plugins. Just go ahead and choose some of them which suits your needs the best.

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