Genesis Framework Reviews-Inbuilt SEO Friendly Options

Genesis is the best framework to work on for the bloggers. You can use it from the beginning of your blogging journey to the very end of it. It will give you speed, inbuilt SEO and professional themes for your blog. Genesis framework allows you to easily and quickly construct incredible websites with WordPress. Genesis delivers search engine optimized and secure base for the beginner and innovative blogger.

Genesis framework is a premium parent theme that has its own API, professional themes, free child themes. Frequent update is the another feature of Genesis framework

Genesis Framework Review

Settings of Genesis-

Here are some of the settings of Genesis that will make your blogging experience more easy and exciting-

  • Document Title Settings- Genies framework gives you the liberty to set your home title and description. You can choose whether to place the description to the right or left side of the homepage title.
  • Homepage Settings- In Genesis framework, you can select the text which you want to display the title and description of the blog
  • Homepage Robots Meta Tags- In the genesis framework SEO setting, you can directly decide whether you want to style your blog as no follow, no archive or no index.
  • Homepage Author-In the present time, it has become very significant for a blog to get the Google Authorship as in SEO, Google Plus is playing a great role. In the new version of Genesis framework, they have added homepage author to their SEO settings. To easily get the approval of Google authorship, you just have to make your profile, a homepage author.
  • Relationships Link Tags- You can select the kind of relationship you want with your links on Genies framework.
  • Robots Meta Settings- in this setting, you can achieve exclusive descriptions of your categories. You can choose between archive, noarchive, and index and noindex performance of tag, category, search, date and author.
  • Archive Settings- Genesis framework settings, allow you to get Canonical URLs for your blog which is very beneficial. Canonical URLs redirects your new URL to old URLs when you change the URL of your blog posts.

Benefits of Genesis Framework-

Genesis framework has gained lots of popularity among the bloggers. If you are a beginner or an innovative or have multiple sites, Genesis framework is the one destination for you. There are reasons why it is considered to be the best and below are some of them.

  • Inbuilt SEO compatibility- It’s very confusing for a newbie to select an SEO plugging for their blog and most of the features in such SEO plugging is too complicated for a beginner to understand. Most of the time people get confused whether to choose All in One SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast and both of them are conflicting with one another.

Genesis Framework has an inbuilt SEO that is compatible with the users.

  • Schema and HTML 5 compatibility- Genesis has added both Schema and HTML 5 to its new Genesis 2.0.1 framework. As per the new trend of SEO, HTML 5 and Schema is a very vital search engine. Search Engines with passing times are becoming very intricate and Schema tags aids in detecting the data easily. Also in their latest version they are working on making their themes HTML friendly.Schema and HTML 5 compatibility- Genesis has added both Schema and HTML 5 to its new Genesis 2.0.1 framework. As per the new trend of SEO, HTML 5 and Schema is a very vital search engine. Search Engines with passing times are becoming very intricate and Schema tags aids in detecting the data easily. Also in their latest version they are working on making their themes HTML friendly.
  • Fast Loading- Updates like Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda are spoiling normal SEO practices. Genesis framework helps in loading blog at a fast rate and aids it to subsist in the fast altering SEO world. Moreover, Google loves blogs that load faster than other blogs.
  • Can be Coded very easily- The code of Genesis is very easy to understand. On Genesis framework, one can easily design professional looking themes even with a low knowledge about CSS.


Why Genesis Framework?

  • Many people raise questions that why they should choose Genesis Framework over any other framework for their blog, below are some of the reasons, why genesis Framework should be every blogger’s choice-
  • Search Engine Optimized-Genesis framework helps more customers, readers and clients connect with you by giving your blog good ranking on search engine. It gives you code optimized, clean, secure, smart design architect for your blogs. It supports codes and lets your site code have micro data output. Genesis Framework gives faster performance with light and easy code.
  • The themes on Genesis framework have been search optimized by the Industry expert and engine optimize creator, Greg Boser. It has automatic updates and keeps your data optimized and updated.
  • Responsive Turnkey Designs- Genesis framework offers turnkey designs of attractive frames for your HTML 5 contents. On Genesis framework you gain expert and smooth design for free. The new codes make your site friendly to the any vagaries of the web. HTML 5 features of Genesis framework make your blog alert and mobile compatible. It also increases the capability of delivering video and audios. It is extensible and gives app like features to your site.
  • With the child theme you can directly update the look of your blog and without touching the Genesis core functionality and SEO benefits. The core code and design functions are not correlated. Without the help of a developer and design you can change the style of your blog in a jiffy every week and it won’t affect the ranking of your blog.
  • Unlimited Everything- Genesis framework gives you everything unlimited, unlimited updates, unlimited websites, unlimited support at a low price. It does not have developer options. Genesis framework also provides you with unparalleled value, for your many websites and client projects.
    Genesis framework provides its user with the lifetime community forum and support team access. Their team of product experts offers help and support to their customers 24X7.
  • Airtight Security and State Of The Art-Genesis relieves you from time taking and costly stress of hacked site. Mark Jaquith, a core WordPress developer and security expert is responsible for the airtight security of Genesis framework. His guidance makes all the feature and practices secure.
  • Instant Updates- Genesis feature of instant and automatic website gives you a complex free updates and also prevents your site from being hacked.
    For an update all you need is to click a button and your site will get updated within a snap. All updates are thoroughly updated. You don’t need to communicate you developer for every update as in Genesis framework everything is integrated.
    If you have multiple site than Genesis framework is the best platform for you as the turnkey child theme feature permits you to instantly and easily update the background running code without changing the way your site look.
  • Easy Customization without Losing the Speed-Genesis offers you a simple framework to work on. In the simple click of your mouse, you can change the style or your blog and can also create new framework and without sacrificing your speed or performance. Genesis has easy and lightweight codes that do not slow down your site like other blogs that have bloated code. Sites webpage loading is measured in seconds, but the sites that are made on Genesis framework, their loading of webpages is measured in milliseconds.
  • Custom Widgets and Layout options- The widgets of Genesis framework is not only limited to the sidebar, but the widgets are so customized that they can be used on any area of the site. The user profile widget shows the user’s bio, link, and Gravatar to an About page. The featured post widget shows thumbnails that are to be used and post extracts in the featured segment. The featured page widget shows thumbnails that are to be used and page extracts in the featured segments.
    Genesis framework offers more than one layout options such as content sidebar, sidebar content, full-width content, content sidebar sidebar, sidebar sidebar content and sidebar content sidebar. On the Theme Setting page you can decide which layout among all the six layouts you want to use. It also provides you with flexibility to use between Child theme and Genesis Parent theme. Genesis also has mix and match layout option. For your individual post and page, you can select a different layout among all the six layouts.
  • Developers You Can Trust- Genesis framework is a trustworthy platform for the blogger. The designer and developers on Genesis are reliable and trustworthy.

Genesis Framework gives you an incredible experience when you are coding with WordPress. Once you will start using Genesis Framework, you won’t be able to trust and switch to any other framework for your blog. Many bloggers have expressed their experience with Genesis framework and they all recommend this platform with everyone.
To conclude, Genesis Framework is simple, fast, and cheap and its codes are easy to crack and understand. The settings are user-friendly and the added features of HTML 5 and Schema makes it more exciting to work. It has inbuilt SEO that makes it easy to work on even for the newbie. Genesis Framework offers various layouts and themes with the help of which you can customize every post and page differently and as per your choice.

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