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Google Alerts is a free tool which will generate search engine results on any keyword you mentioned in it, it could be a keyword or a website. When everything this is done this tool will send alerts directly to your email address which you have mentioned in it. The more indexed pages our blog have the more it has chances to get more search traffic over search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google and many more. But the only search engine on which ranking a good ranking is more then anything is Google. If your blog is in good rank on Google search results then you need nothing more then that. Every blogger and webmaster always keep track on their cached/Indexed pages on Google. But its not possible to track on every single web page or post created, so their is one tool which is provided by Google itself to keep track on every updated or recently added posts in your blog.

Yes, its Google Alerts one of the very helpful tool for everyone who want to track their blog indexed pages. Beside this you can also track any particular news, updates or articles from your favorite sources. By this you can even track any website for any latest updates.

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Now how this tool works ?

1. Open the Google alerts link.

2. Type your desired Search query. In this you can type any keyword that you want to get alert on. Simple type the keyword and you will see the result preview on the right side, so that you can change it according to your need. You cna even type your website in search query ““.

3. Then Result type for your alerts, everything or any desired type you want just mention it.

4. How often is kind of alerts reminder it will alert you when it happens, once a week or once a day.

5. Only the best results, in this I prefer only the best results.

6. Now when done with all settings for your alerts, at last you have to provide a valid email address on which Google will send you the alerts you want. Click on red button Create Alert.

Now its done, and soon you will get alerts when Google cached/indexed your recent web pages.

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