Google May Disable Text Link Ad Units Creating Option In Google Adsense

Google May Disable Text Link Ad Units Creating Option In Google Adsense: This is a harsh truth. But Google is directly or Indirectly taking over the Internet Industry. Same is the case with Advertisement market. In short, the reason behind disabling the Google Text Link Ad units is to avoid policy violations. That means, doesn’t want to hurt the user experience.Google May Disable Text Link Ad Units Creating Option In Google Adsense

Google May Disable Text Link Ad Units Creating Option In Google Adsense

Auto Ads By Google Adsense

Auto Ads is a new feature of Adsense and has been recently released. With one piece of code, Google will analyse your pages and find new places to show ads that optimize revenue and user experience. After a quick and easy set-up, Auto Ads lets you get back to focusing on your content while Google takes cares of the rest. In this section, we will walk you through how to set up Auto Ads in your account as well as how to create URL groups to define specific settings for certain pages. Let’s get started. First, log into your Google Adsense Account.

From My Ads Drop down menu, choose Auto Ads, then click get started. From the global settings page, you will be given the option to choose which type of in-page or overlay ads you would like to show on your web page. Once you have finished selecting your ad types, click save. Next just copy the code provided, and paste it into the HTML of your website between the head tags, on all pages you would like to have ads shown. If you are using WordPress, you can either place the code through your WordPress theme or use a plugin to insert the code.

Once done, there’s no need to change the code again, Google will show the right ads at the right time to your users. You are now set up to start using Auto Ads. Now, we will discuss how to create URL groups, which will allow you to have a set for certain URLs that are no the same as your global settings. For example, you may not want to show Anchor Ads on your homepage. But do want to show them on other pages. First, from the Auto Ads page, select ‘New URL Group.’ Next, select the URLs you would like to include in your Group.

Note, URLs can be domains, sub-domains, site sections or pages on your website. If you don’t see the URL, you are looking for, you can add it by clicking ‘Add URL.’ If you add a domain in a group, then all settings will apply in all URLs below that domain. When you are ready, click Next. Now, choose which on-page or overlay ads you would like to show on the URLs in your group. These settings will override the global settings you choose earlier. When you are finished, click Save. After you give your group a name and review the URLs included, click Done.

Your New URL group will now show up on your Auto Ads Page. You can add additional groups at any time from this page. And that’s it. With Auto Ads set up, Google will now automate and optimise ad placement on your website to maximise revenue. So, you don’t have to. In 2017 again, New Units for Adsense have been released. With which you can put in three more ad units on your blogger website. In this article, I will be showing you the three types of ads. And, also I will show you how to use them on your blogger website.

The first Ad Unit is the text and display Ads. This is the older version of the Ads. And, this is as same as you we have been using it. It is a simpler version of the Ads, which you see these days on most of the websites. You can click on these and it will take you to the advertiser’s website. The second one is In-Feed Ads. This one allows the Ads to flow inside the article, which you have been making in-between content. At the same time, it also takes care of any kind of discrepancy for the user and offering a great chance of a click-through rate for you. The last one is the in-article ads.

These ads fit perfectly between the Paragraph of your content to enhance the user experience. Now, let us see, how to create these and place them in your blogger website. Login to your Adsense account and click on My Ads. That will take you to the page like this. Now click New Ad Unit. Now you will see the three ad units in here, types of which are recently released. When you click on the first one, i.e. text and display ads, it is a normal way to generate the ads.

Choose the colour, size and dimensions of your website, click Save and get code and then place it in your blogger website. Now let us see, how to use the new ones. When you click on the in-feed ads, it will take you to the popup. Right on the popup, click Get started. This way, you can continue with Google Ads. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Google May Disable Text Link Ad Units Creating Option In Google Adsense, still, if you are facing any problems or questions regarding Google May Disable Text Link Ad Units Creating Option In Google Adsense, please make sure to let us know using the comment box below.

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