Hide My IP Review – Best VPN Software to Protect Your Ip Address

Hide My IP is a VPN service provider that is rapidly gaining popularity among all kinds of users who are concerned about their online privacy. VPN software are worth dime a dozen these days, however finding a reliable one has been quite a challenge for many. Hide My IP is one of the few reliable VPN software that takes your anonymity seriously.

Key features

With Hide My IP, you can surf the internet anonymously without worrying about anyone spying you or stealing your valuable information over the internet. It not just allows you to protect your identity but also encrypts your internet connection. You can use it for various purposes such as:
1. Sending anonymous emails
2. Un-banning yourself from forums and message boards
3. Surfing securely at public wifihotspots at places like coffee shops
4. Browsing a website as a visitor from another country(this can come in handy especially if you travel a lot and need to access location restricted streaming services, such as Hulu)
5. Downloading and uploading P2P files privately
6. Access restricted websites at school or work. Many organizations block sites like facebook, twitter, Youtube etc. and a VPN software like Hide My IP will allow you to access them easily despite the restrictions.
7. Cloaking VoiP calls
8. Creating a virtual firewall
9. Browse the web without having search engines like Google or Bing log your queries

And much more…

How Hide My IP works

After your install and run Hide My IP, It sets up your browser’s proxy settings and shows a fake IP from their database of IP addresses. Now as your real IP is masked and a fake IP is used instead of it, you will be able to browser anonymously. Once you stop Hide My IP, your browser will return to normal settings.

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Hide My IP is compatible with all modern browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Maxthon and more. The software is also compatible with all different types of routers, firewalls , home networks, wireless networks or any other kind of internet connection. Besides, it also works with tools such as Skype, Outlook or Instant messengers. It is available for both Windows and Mac.
Hide My IP allows you to select exclusively from US based IP addresses. This will especially come handy if you frequently require to browse websites as a visitor from US while protecting your anonymity. Its also important to note that Hide my IP only uses Elite proxies ensuring that your real IP address is never forwarded to the website you are browsing.

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The standard version of Hide My IP costs $29.99 for a lifetime use. There is also a free version offered with some feature limitations. If you are a power user and want more features and a faster connection, there’s also a monthly subscription plan for that. Coming at $7 per month, the premium service comes loaded with more features and allows you to enjoy faster surfing and downloading, use IPs from US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, Russia etc.
All in all, if you are looking for a solid, reliable VPN software with all state of the art features, look no further than Hide My IP.

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