How and When to use Google Webmaster Tool’s Disavow Process

How and When to use Google Webmaster Tool’s Disavow Process: Google Webmaster Tool’s Disavow Process cannot be carried out alone. Why? Here’s a complete guide to it. Mainly because, first of all, you will have to filter out which links you’re willing to disavow? Disavow tool is very dangerous in one sense. If by mistake you remove all the important, high authority relevant links from your website, then you will have to suffer. Your million-dollar business website may drop down off rankings overnight. So, using Google Webmaster’s Disavow link tool is as difficult as handling a gun and then firing. You will have to make a clear boundary line different between good and bad backlinks.How and When to use Google Webmaster Tool's Disavow Process

How and When to use Google Webmaster Tool’s Disavow Process

So, backlink checking is the very first and most crucial step in the process of disavowing the links from your website. We are going to show you how to find low-quality links pointing to your website and how to create a disavow file for uploading to Google. So, we are going to start in the Ahrefs Dashboard and the first thing you are going to need to do if you have not done it already just adds your website into your dashboard.

So, you can just do that by clicking add website. In this case, we have already added the domain which is top 5 SEO and the reason we are going to use the Top 5 SEO is that a couple of years ago, we were subject to a negative SEO attack so we know there’s a lot of low-quality links pointing to a website. So, once it’s added, we will pop it into the search bar and click explore which will take us to the overview page for the domain. There are a few processes we are going to run through here, but the first one is simply just to use the referring domains report under backlink profile, which will give us lit of all domains are currently pointing to the website.

Now, by default, this is going to be ordered by Domain Rating with the most powerful websites at the top. So, we can see a DR 94 and 85 etc. But, as we are looking for low quality links what we are going to do is just click on DR to flip that around and get the lowest quality sites at the top. And, then we are just going to work our way down the link looking for anything that looks low quality or suspicious. You will be looking out for domains you don’t recognize here or perhaps foreign language websites or .xyz domains there.

They can be pretty dodgy, not every time but, certainly worth looking at Chinese domains can be quite bad for spam. So, that’s something else you want to check. We will take a look at a couple of these here, once you find something you don’t like, you can just click here to show backlinks. And, we can see that anchor text here is “link emperor review.” It’s scored out because we have since 404ed that page, but we will want to disavow it.

To check the actual sites themselves, just simply click on the link here and it will open up in a new tab and we can see that this is just a little quality spun content with a link back to our website. So, that’s one we want to get rid of. So, what we want to do, is check the box here to the left, move onto the next one, and, we can see it’s the same anchors, link emperor results, link emperor etc.

So, we can just click the box again. Now, you want to work your way through all these domains, but we won’t bother doing that just now because it will take some time. We will just scroll back up and we can see we have not got the option to disavow domains. So, we will click on that. And we will show you what will happen next there in second, but for the moment, we will show you another couple of useful reports you can run.

If perhaps, you might have had an SEO company working for you, maybe they have been a bit aggressive with their anchor text or giving you too many keyword-rich links and you might have received a penalty because of that, so a good thing to do is check your anchors so that shows your the anchor text of all links pointing to your website and if we click on that report, we can see that right at the top, we have got these link emperor results, link emperor review etc.

And, there’s a lot of referring domains with those anchors. So, if we click on details and then referring domains, we can see there are referring domains themselves now we can add these directly to my disavow links from here, but what we can do is just export that out and we can use that to manually create my disavow file at a later stage. Finally, a useful report is just your best by links report, which shows you the most linked-to pages on the website. We can see again right up at the top, we have got this 404 page with 120 referring domains. We know that all of these are just spam.

So, if we click on the number under RD, that will give us all these domains, and again we can just export that out and then we create a disavow file from there. If you have any questions regarding How and When to use Google Webmaster Tool’s Disavow Process, just let us know using the links available in the comment box below.

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