How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews

How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews: So, if you want to find out how much YouTubers are making through Adsense, you should check out a website called From here you can use it in the username of the YouTube Channel and you can see their daily views. Their daily subscribers and their estimated daily earnings. This is a wide number, but we can verify that mid-range is pretty close. There are a lot of different factors that determine how much you make from Adsense and that’s beyond the scope of this article.How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews

How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews

So, just by looking at this number, you want to become a full-time YouTuber or a blogger. You can see that it takes a lot of views to make a living from this. There’s no way, we could make a living solely off of the Adsense, with a channel, our size and the views that we get have about 8 different revenue streams. So, to make a Livable Wage and we will get into more of that in a future article today.

We are going to talk about Sponsored posts, paid reviews etc. And, how much you should charge for those sponsored articles. So, we have looked all over online to see if we could find some sort of formula or chart to figure out what to charge sponsors. We could not find anything and get asked these questions all the time and so for a long time we just made up numbers out of our head and then presented them to the potential brands.

Recently, we got a formula direct from an MCN, which is a multi-channel network and again that’s a subject for a whole another article. Maybe we will get into that someday. But this MCN gave us the formula that they use to connect brands with their articles and YouTube clients. So, that formula is to find out what your average views per video. It is after 30 days, divide that by a thousand and then multiply it by 30 to 50.

This will give you a range on what to charge, potential sponsors for ad placement in your video. This could be a pre-roll or a 30 seconds spot within the video. Now, note this is for one-offs only multi-video deals, usually have a much lower number. But that means you secured over many videos or article over a longer period. So, for our first example, if your videos averaged about 10,000 views after 30 days of life, then you would take that, divide that by 1000 and then multiply that by thirty to fifty.

So, with ten thousand average views after 30 days that comes out to $300 to $500 is her sponsored video. If you get 800,000 views per video, after 30 days, again we will divide that by a thousand and then we will multiply it by thirty to fifty. And, that will give you a range of $3000 to $5000 per video. So, this is the formula that some MCN and agencies used to connect brands with YouTubers. This is not an absolute formula. this is a starting point, some brands don’t have that type of budget and some creators are worth more. So, every deal is different and the specs may vary. Some brands will want a certain amount of airtime of their product.

So, then you have to adjust your formula accordingly. Some brands will ask you to make a dedicated video on their product, discussing the benefits and uses. Generally, these dedicated videos demand two or three times as much as a sponsored video. Why because these videos are one long commercial that will sit on your YouTube channel. Whenever you take on sponsorship for your video, it must add value for your audience. And, the brand needs to be a win-win for everybody.

Or a win-win and of course, some people are going to voice their opinion about your sponsored videos. It is your job to connect the brand to your audience and bring value to everybody. Something that’s too off the wall is going to result in negative feedback and possibly unsubscribers. And, if you solve a problem for your viewers, with that brand, then everybody wins again every situation calls for customization.

This is just a starting point. We are going to continue this conversation over on Patreon members. They get the extended vlogs and they are eligible for the weekly giveaways if you want to learn how you can become a Patreon member and help support what we do go to Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews, still if you are facing any problems or questions related to How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Posts & Paid Reviews, please let us know in the comment box below.

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