How Much Yoast SEO’s Readability Score Affects SEO & Blog Rankings

How Much Yoast SEO’s Readability Score Affects SEO & Blog Rankings: You will be shocked to know that, there are WordPress websites on the internet, posts of which is ranking first on Google with the worst of the Google Ranking Factors. So, it does matter, but upto some extent. What we mean, is just by writing a good readable post, it is not possible to rank number one in Google. So, in this article, we will also learn about – What is a focus keyphrase? – Yoast SEO for WordPress training.How Much Yoast SEO's Readability Score Affects SEO & Blog Rankings

How Much Yoast SEO’s Readability Score Affects SEO & Blog Rankings

It’s All About Focus Keyword

What Is Focus Keyword and Why It’s Important? Also, we will tell you more about the factors you should take into account when choosing a Focus Keywords. Also, we will explain the difference between head key phrases and long-tail keyphrases. So, what is Focus Keyword? The Focus Keyword is the search phrase that you most want your page to rank for. If people search for this phrase in Google, you want your post to show up in the first place. In the past, we used to call this the focus keyword.

But, since the internet grew bigger, and more and more content is out there, it’s getting harder to rank on just one word. This doesn’t mean a focus keyphrase cannot consist of just one word, it means, it usually consists of multiple words. Let’s consider an example. Imagine you have a dog training school in California. You might think – I would like to rank for the focus keyword dogs. But ranking for this focus keyword will be very hard, or even impossible as its a highly competitive term.

Lots of websites will be trying to rank for this term. In this case, its more realistic to try to rank for, for instance, Dog-Friendly, Puppy Training in Bakersfield. As you can see, this is a Focus Keyword, consisting of multiple words. It will give you a much bigger chance of ranking because there will be fewer websites trying to rank for this phrase. Also, people searching for this phrase, are more likely to be searching for the service you offer. So, why if the focus keyword important?

When you are optimising for a specific term, you want people to search for that Keyphrase. Choosing the right focus keyphrase is important because otherwise, you will do all that hard work for nothing. However, it can be really hard to choose the right focus keyword. While choosing a focus keyword, you should consider two things. Your audience and Your Competition.

So, first of all, you should consider your audience: What are they looking for, What are they searching for? Which words are they using? You should get inside the heads of your audience and try to figure this out. You can use tools like Google Trends to analyze which words people are using. With Google Trends, you can compare keywords, to see which one people search for most often. For example, if we compare Puppy Training with Dog Training.

People search for Dog Training more often. So, for the Dog Training School in Bakersfield, it could be a good idea to optimize for Dog Training instead of Puppy Training. But you should also consider the competition. If you are focusing on keywords, that are rather competitive, then you will have a hard time ranking. You can imagine that it could be difficult to rank for a keyword like Dog or even Dog Training. Because you are not the only one trying to rank for that term.

If you want to analyze your competition, the best thing you can do is Google your Keyphrases. Check the first two pages of the search results and see whether the post you want to write would stand out between those results. How big are the companies that show up here? Does your website have enough authority to stand out between them? Is your post able to rank between those search results? Finally, it’s very important to use a Focus Keyword only once.

If you have optimized a post for a specific keyword then it’s Alright. But, if you will use the same focus keyword for two different posts, then Google will be completely confused about it. Just try to optimize them for different aspects of one term. So, if you are writing about Puppy Training, you can have one article optimized for the benefits of Puppy Training, one for What to Expect from a puppy training class and another one for when do you take your puppy to a training class.

Now, let’s go into different kinds of keyphrases. Some Keyphrases are rather generic, others are more specific. We distinguish three kinds of Keyphrases; and Long Tail Keyphrases. Head Keyphrases are the most competitive keyphrases. They are very generic, and a lot of people search for them. They are also the hardest to rank for. A head keyphrase could be – Puppy Training. Mid Tail Keywords are more specific, derived from the head keyphrase they tie into.

For this particular head keyword, mid-tail keywords could be something like – Dog-Friendly Puppy Training, Longtail keywords are very specific and they have very little search traffic. An example of a long-tail keyword could be what to expect from a dog-friendly puppy training in Bakersfield. Still, if you’re having any other questions related to How Much Yoast SEO’s Readability Score Affects SEO & Blog Rankings, just let us know in the comment box below. Also Read: Why Is It Important To Write Long-Form Content On Your Website?

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